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Relating to or using a system of numerical notation that has 8 rather than 10 as a base.
  1. 'All he needs is an octal cable to connect his AS to the other devices we choose to use, and he's all set.'
  2. 'Yellowstone, which was announced more than a year ago, uses an octal data rate to deliver data rates up to a theoretical maximum of 3.2 Gbits/s.'


The octal system; octal notation.
  1. 'Working on networks, I find there's always a need to convert between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary.'
  2. 'About the only thing this calculator lacks is the ability to switch from decimal to hex to octal to binary.'


1. Also, octonary. of or relating to the number system with base 8, employing the numerals 0 through


2. relating to or encoded in an octal system, especially for use by a digital computer.

3. (of an electronic device) having eight pins in its base for electrical connections. noun

4. octonary (def 6).

More examples(as adjective)

"types can be octal."