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Relating to the ocean.
  1. 'Sediments between the mafic sills in the Guaymas Basin are a mixture of continent-derived gravity-flow deposits and oceanic pelagic deposits.'
  2. 'Traveling across the Pacific, oceanic tides crash upon the Hawaiian Ridge and dissipate.'
  3. 'Here the oceanic landscape of the Water country met the rolling plains and lush forests of the Air Queendom.'
  4. 'The deepest waters are found in oceanic trenches, which plunge as deep as 35,000 feet below the ocean surface.'
  5. 'The two eastern forks of Long Island jut into oceanic waters, creating a mixing zone for currents and coastal and offshore migratory species.'
  6. 'Seven paired samples were collected from a small oceanic reef near Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas.'
  7. 'These data indicate that euxinic conditions were common in the water column during Mesozoic oceanic anoxic events.'
  8. 'Additionally, gobies are usually the most abundant freshwater fish on oceanic islands.'
  9. 'Moreover, the animals and the plants inhabiting oceanic islands bear the greatest similarity to species found on the nearest mainland.'
  10. 'The heartland stood in opposition to the maritime or oceanic lands, and would triumph.'
  11. 'stocks of oceanic fish'
  12. 'The coastal intertidal zone is the area between the low and high tide zones that is not quite oceanic and not quite terrestrial.'
  13. 'These whales feed primarily but not exclusively on squid, with one species foraging in deep oceanic waters and the other over the continental shelf.'
  14. 'An estimated 5,000 types of oceanic fish are waiting to be discovered, project leaders said in a recent report.'
  15. 'The drum family consists primarily of oceanic continental shelf fishes.'
  16. 'And sharks that range across the open ocean, known as oceanic or pelagic sharks, have been an even bigger mystery.'
  17. 'It is a pelagic, oceanic shark and is frequently found near the shore especially during the summer months.'
  18. 'The enormous oceanic whitetip that had scattered them eyed me curiously.'
  19. 'he attributes forest decline to our oceanic climate'
  20. 'This would have created at northern latitudes a more oceanic climate with cool moist summers.'
  21. 'Climate is wet-temperate with a strong oceanic influence.'
  22. 'Scientists are also making progress with the prediction of longer-term climate fluctuations that are strongly influenced by oceanic conditions.'
  23. 'The air was humid and moist because of the oceanic breeze swelling up.'
  24. 'an oceanic failure'
Relating to Oceania.
  1. 'The new building will contain a special wing to house Wattis's donated collection of Oceanic art.'
  2. 'They played junior hockey together for the Rimouski Oceanic.'
  3. 'The fact that they have 35,000 set-tops out there in Oceanic was good.'
  4. 'This exciting musical concoction of Oceanic and Celtic world music will be held this Saturday, May 15, at Durrumbal Hall in Mullumbimby from 7.30 pm.'
  5. 'The Ministry of Culture of Oceania would also put Oceanic literature in their own schools to supplement the curriculum and reading material.'
  6. 'Numerous photographs show African and Oceanic chairs or stools in the corners of Mr. Mueller's Paris apartment and Solothurn home.'
  7. 'They will discuss a range of topics including Turkman jewellery and Australian Indigenous, Southeast Asian and Oceanic weaving.'
  8. 'But it wasn't until that moment that I realized Sieber was as wise in Oceanic art as he was in African.'


1. of, living in, or produced by the ocean: oceanic currents.

2. of or relating to the region of water lying above the bathyal, abyssal, and hadal zones of the sea bottom.Compare neritic, pelagic.

3. immensely large; vast: an oceanic expanse of stars.

4. (initial capital letter) of or relating to Oceania, its peoples, or their languages.

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"winds can be oceanic in elms."

"crusts can be oceanic."

"lithospheres can be oceanic."

"administrations can be oceanic."

"trenches can be oceanic."

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