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(of a ship) designed to cross oceans.
  1. 'About 40 ocean-going ships are tied up together at Benecia, an impressive sight this far inland.'
  2. 'Seven major rivers cross Suriname, many partly navigable by large ocean-going ships.'
  3. 'The boats look pretty dangerous as they are not ocean-going vessels.'
  4. 'In Great Britain an ocean-going vessel, the Savoy Theatre, and the House of Commons were all lit by electric lamps in 1881.'
  5. 'Univan oversees the day to day control of more than 100 ocean-going ships.'
  6. 'Ballast water carried by ocean-going vessels is a major factor in the introduction of non-native organisms to marine eco-systems.'
  7. 'The world's last ocean-going paddle steamer set sail again just hours after it was feared her hull had been damaged off the Mull of Kintrye.'
  8. 'The Thais immediately interned and later seized as war reparations no less than 12 ocean-going ships of the North German Line.'
  9. 'Normally, people come to New Zealand on regularly scheduled commercial flights or ocean-going ships.'
  10. 'They were used to repair large ocean-going liners, tugs and dredgers over the years.'


1. (of a ship) designed and equipped to travel on the open sea.

2. noting or pertaining to sea transportation: oceangoing traffic.

More examples(as adjective)

"containers can be oceangoing."

"transits can be oceangoing."

"ships can be oceangoing."

"rates can be oceangoing."

"costs can be oceangoing."

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