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A very large expanse of sea, in particular each of the main areas into which the sea is divided geographically.
  1. 'Scientists say some bugs have traveled hundreds of miles across calm tropical oceans.'
  2. 'Well, the Atlantic ocean is 1700 miles wide at its shortest point.'
  3. 'Mr Hempleman-Adams finally succeeded in crossing the ocean without mishap after two aborted attempts.'
  4. 'Living in the world's warmer oceans, it feeds on plankton and is harmless to humans.'
  5. 'We stopped on a cliff overlooking the blue ocean.'
  6. 'She noted the large windows around the outer wall which overlooked the vast ocean.'
  7. 'Carl was on his cell phone, looking out to the wide open ocean.'
  8. 'If the world's oceans warm up, it's also possible that the upper atmosphere will also warm up.'
  9. 'Right whales in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans were hunted nearly to extinction before coming under international protection in 1949.'
  10. 'They are found in the tropical and subtropical waters of oceans around the world.'
  11. 'they scramble across the beach to the ocean and plunge into the surf'
  12. 'We sailed to the end of the bay and still could see straight to the ocean floor.'
  13. 'The ocean floor isn't the only environment Schilling Robotics is targeting, however.'
  14. 'This cold water from deep off the ocean floor brings many nutrients to the surface.'
  15. 'Usually the organisms just dump the electrons onto iron or sulphate minerals on the ocean floor.'
  16. 'Striding from the beach and into the ocean, Ikeda paused as waves lapped around his ankles.'
  17. 'How deep were you when you got out of your vehicle and did a solo walk on the ocean floor?'
  18. 'He looked down and saw the phoenix talisman that he had found on the ocean floor.'
  19. 'At the same time, many such shells may dissolve before they even reach the ocean floor.'
  20. 'There we had a room that looked straight onto the beach and the ocean beyond: idyllic.'
  21. 'This guy up here is a very close relative of the roly-poly, only it lives in the deep sea along the ocean floor.'
  22. 'The Holy Qur' an is an ocean of divine knowledge.'

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1. the vast body of salt water that covers almost three fourths of the earth's surface.

2. any of the geographical divisions of this body, commonly given as the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic oceans.

3. a vast expanse or quantity: an ocean of grass.

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"sailings can be ocean."

"reorganizations can be ocean."

"floors can be ocean."

"farms can be ocean."

"areas can be ocean."

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Middle English: from Old French occean, via Latin from Greek ōkeanos ‘great stream encircling the earth's disc’. ‘The ocean’ originally denoted the whole body of water regarded as encompassing the earth's single land mass.