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Happen; take place.
  1. 'An air bag is designed to protect a driver or passenger in the event that an accident occurs.'
  2. 'But then two incidents occurred only a month apart in 1988.'
  3. 'Changes often occur in the regions of the mouth where tobacco is placed.'
  4. 'Consequently accidents still occur due to a lack of awareness of the dangers involved with electricity.'
  5. 'The functional impairments secondary to osteoarthritis also occur more frequently in older adults.'
  6. 'Much of this growth has occurred as a result of the charismatic or Pentecostal movement.'
  7. 'Death usually occurs within a few weeks to a year.'
  8. 'So the wedding would have occurred sometime in the first week of October.'
  9. 'The more recent phase of integration has occurred against the backdrop of globalization.'
  10. 'Demonization usually occurs only in certain areas of a person's life.'
  11. 'radon occurs naturally in rocks such as granite'
  12. 'Although most often accompanied by significant ascites, it can occur in its absence.'
  13. 'Our analysis indicates that frequency encoding of biological T-cell functions occurs under physiological conditions.'
  14. 'The virus occurs naturally in many birds and is transmitted by Culex mosquitoes.'
  15. 'On average, nodes preceding gene duplications occur earlier in the phylogenetic trees than speciation nodes.'
  16. 'Bromide is a naturally occurring trace chemical which has a sedative effect.'
  17. 'Radioactivity occurs naturally in the earth and in the cosmic rays which reach the earth.'
  18. 'Whether or not this occurs in vivo is not yet known.'
  19. 'It is probable that every naturally occurring element is present in the outer core at least at trace levels.'
  20. 'Anthrax is a naturally occurring bacterium that exists in the form of spores which allow it to survive in the environment.'
  21. 'Surface exposures of Ncogene sedimentary rocks occur only along the edges of the basin.'
  22. 'It is not surprising that such an idea would occur to a writer in the Hispanic world.'
  23. 'If you have an idea, throw it in - even if it occurs to you in the middle of a show.'
  24. 'She turned her eyes down to the paw she held, several ideas occurring to her simultaneously.'
  25. 'It just occurs to me that this may be what is behind this idea of real money.'
  26. 'An idea occurred to James at that moment and he allowed a small smile to play on his lips.'

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1. to happen; take place; come to pass: When did the accident occur?

2. to be met with or found; present itself; appear.

3. to suggest itself in thought; come to mind (usually followed by to): An idea occurred to me.

More examples(as adjective)

"manies can be occur in things."

"events can be occur at rates."

"encephalopathies can be occur in countries."

"zircons can be occur in xenolithses."

"symptoms can be occur in cases."

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Late 15th century: from Latin occurrere ‘go to meet, present itself’, from ob- ‘against’ + currere ‘to run’.