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Relating to a job or profession.
  1. 'I am a member of an occupational pension scheme approved by the Inland Revenue.'
  2. 'My wife and I have taken early retirement with occupational pensions.'
  3. 'Such occupational schemes come in two varieties: defined benefit and defined contribution.'
  4. 'Late papers mean occupational health and safety issues for newsagents as employers.'
  5. 'And even then they were only aimed at limiting occupational exposure within the asbestos industry.'
  6. 'The government has just launched a scheme to sell occupational healthcare to the private sector.'
  7. 'However, the new product is expected to appeal to members of ordinary occupational schemes.'
  8. 'The scheme also involved bringing in an occupational health nurse to give on-the-spot advice.'
  9. 'Acknowledged as an occupational disease, lead poisoning is a disabling illness.'
  10. 'Every day I see employers breaching basic occupational health and safety guidelines.'


1. of or relating to an occupation, trade, or calling: occupational guidance.

2. of or relating to occupation: occupational troops.

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"schemes can be occupational."

"pensions can be occupational."

"groups can be occupational."

"therapists can be occupational."

"healths can be occupational."

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