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Get, acquire, or secure (something)
  1. 'Serum samples were also obtained from 25 healthy blood donors which served as controls.'
  2. 'Consent was also obtained from parents and students.'
  3. 'The licensed acupuncturist also obtains informed consent from each patient.'
  4. 'Probes were obtained by PCR amplification of the indicated loci.'
  5. 'If the consent is dishonestly obtained, then there is still dishonesty.'
  6. 'Under the old billing system, accountants and corporate officers could not easily obtain necessary data or documents.'
  7. 'Maps obtained in these studies are based on the third and the fourth extractions.'
  8. 'He suggested that his apparent support for official policy was obtained under duress.'
  9. 'The parameter estimates were obtained using simulated maximum likelihood with Halton sequences as described by Train.'
  10. 'Do they use the same sort of violence and threats to obtain what they want?'
Be prevalent, customary, or established.
  1. 'Sadly, Dr Mumba's discovery at the ministry of Lands gives a clear picture of what obtains in the entire civil service.'
  2. 'I should note that Welborn Rule obtains here: all posts to me are subject to possible posting, so be forewarned!'
  3. 'Fifteen years later, no shared national understanding obtains about those events.'
  4. 'But Descartes insists that a rational distinction also obtains between any two attributes of a substance.'
  5. 'That situation still obtains in the case of the distribution of power, resources and opportunities among the four provinces of the state.'
  6. 'Overall equilibrium obtains when these three markets are in equilibrium.'
  7. 'Or are we to go semi-professional like obtains on the domestic soccer front in Ireland, with such little attraction for fans.'
  8. 'A genus-species relation obtains when a proper definition of the form X = YZ is possible.'
  9. 'This might seem unusual, yet something similar may well be obtaining in many marriages.'
  10. 'Suppose you start off with no information about which of the four possible combinations of truth values for A and B obtains.'

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1. to come into possession of; get, acquire, or procure, as through an effort or by a request: to obtain permission; to obtain a better income.

2. Obsolete. to attain or reach. verb (used without object)

3. to be prevalent, customary, or in vogue; prevail: the morals that obtained in Rome.

4. Archaic. to succeed.

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"informations can be obtaining."

"results can be obtaining."

"funds can be obtaining."

"approvals can be obtaining."

"files can be obtaining."

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(obtain)Late Middle English: from Old French obtenir, from Latin obtinere ‘obtain, gain’.