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The practice of deliberately impeding or delaying the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures.
  1. 'Meanwhile, he is working out a modus vivendi with the Supreme Leader, who, despite his conservative instincts, realizes that the clerics' obstructionism could eventually backfire.'
  2. 'Certainly, there needs to be a public awareness campaign, but a well-funded and supported initiative that leads all of the people out of the dark ages of obstructionism and into welcoming enlightenment.'
  3. 'To the general astonishment the Duke d' Orléans, head of the junior branch of the royal family and heir to a long tradition of obstructionism, suddenly rose and protested that this was not legal.'
  4. 'Apparently, the lessons of Freddie's ongoing troubles haven't sunk in, and Fannie and Freddie have relapsed into their tired old methods of obstructionism.'
  5. 'Obstructionism from the military, the right, and the courts prevented a full accounting or retribution against the perpetrators.'
  6. 'I refer to the people who have caused the governmental process to grind to a halt over the past five years by their childish obstructionism in the legislature.'
  7. 'We've often asked whether the party are paying a political price for their obstructionism, or for the outrageous and hateful face they so often present to the voters.'
  8. 'But do the Party want to face this reshaped electorate with our reconfigured media with no other message but obstructionism?'
  9. 'Debate is healthy but is not to be confused with obfuscation, obstructionism or opposition for its own sake - that's not honest debate or even honest dissent.'
  10. 'This is the very definition of obstructionism: To delay a foregone conclusion for the sake of a petty protest.'

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1. a person who deliberately delays or prevents progress.

2. a person who delays or obstructs the business before a legislative body by parliamentary contrivances or legalistic maneuvers.

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"turns can be obstructionism."