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Becoming obsolete.
  1. 'obsolescent slang'
  2. 'These historians, whom Anderson labels ‘masters,’ are now considered at least partially obsolescent.'
  3. 'Walt's obsolescent foreign policy is deeply rooted in the statism of a bygone era.'
  4. 'In democracies the image is obsolescent: journalists face little danger (except on overseas assignments) and the press do not risk being closed down.'
  5. 'At Pearl Harbor the obsolescent American battle line had been critically disabled, thus freeing the U.S. Navy from its reliance on the capital ship and from whatever lingering faith it might have had in its pre-eminence.'
  6. 'At present the civilized world is trapped somewhat in a timewarp of arguably obsolescent political, ethical, and strategic assumptions and practices.'
  7. 'The configuration of the old trailer was obsolescent, making it problematic for hauling some of the equipment.'
  8. 'The assets themselves are technologically obsolescent and simply too expensive and non-competitive to operate even with private sector efficiencies.'
  9. 'The term is obsolescent, and will in time probably disappear.'
  10. 'Depending on where you sit, it's either a document recodifying a revolution or a relic recycling an obsolescent controversy.'
  11. 'With the databases obtained from the alien refugees, they incoming ships were identified as Dreadnoughts, which are obsolescent capital cruisers.'


1. becoming obsolete; passing out of use, as a word: an obsolescent term.

2. becoming outdated or outmoded, as machinery or weapons.

3. Biology. gradually disappearing or imperfectly developed, as vestigial organs.

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"equipmentses can be obsolescent in frames."

"tonnes can be obsolescent."

"theories can be obsolescent."

"textbooks can be obsolescent."

"technologies can be obsolescent."

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Mid 18th century: from Latin obsolescent- ‘falling into disuse’, from the verb obsolescere.