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Of the nature of an obsession.
  1. 'Delaney owns pieces of clubs and bars around the city, and has an obsessive nature.'
  2. 'Everyday life can be a terrifying ordeal for the autistic, who struggle to grasp what is happening around them and often retreat into ritual or obsessive behaviour.'
  3. 'It is a relief, he says, to confess to the private consultant that the refuge he once sought in art for his depression and regimented obsessive nature, he now finds in the bottle.'
  4. 'Unless you have an obsessive interest in the minutiae of American politics, it is unlikely that you will have heard of Mr Shrum.'
  5. 'His hair and beard were testimony to his fastidious nature and obsessive preening.'
  6. 'I am particularly concerned about the obsessive nature of this defendant, and whether he represents a danger to women in general.'
  7. 'With his eloquence and fluent knowledge of art history, he speaks of da Vinci's obsessive nature.'
  8. 'It is true that the great but balding one has never been very good at multi-tasking, but that probably explains his obsessive behaviour.'
  9. 'These have been the years in which the explosive growth of both economies leapt from being something British business thought worth watching to an obsessive interest.'
  10. 'We could've seen why Sara is so stubborn, or gotten some further insight into Hitchens' obsessive nature.'
  11. 'she became obsessive about her school work'


A person who is affected by an obsession.
  1. 'His reputation has always been that of an obsessive, picking at detail in a way which could drive others frantic.'
  2. 'It is a city that caters to the obsessions of every type of obsessive.'
  3. 'You mentioned earlier that all of your narrators are obsessives.'
  4. 'This sort of information no doubt grips the many Van Gogh obsessives.'
  5. 'He is collected and quiet; totally convincing as a tight-lipped obsessive, tormented by his own demons.'
  6. 'These lists were complete enough to satisfy an obsessive.'
  7. 'Of most interest to Drake obsessives is Tow the Line, a previously unheard song discovered lurking at the end of an old master tape.'
  8. 'Even among political obsessives, there is huge uncertainty about what the new Conservatives stand for.'
  9. 'The stores are those in your mall that supply stuff to body-building obsessives.'
  10. 'First, Singh is a true obsessive, a fanatic even.'


1. being, pertaining to, or resembling an obsession: an obsessive fear of illness.

2. causing an obsession.

3. excessive, especially extremely so. noun

4. someone who has an obsession or obsessions; a person who thinks or behaves in an obsessive manner.

More examples(as adjective)

"sons can be obsessive about modes."

"players can be obsessive about details."

"people can be obsessive about works."

"people can be obsessive about media."

"people can be obsessive about dangers."

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