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A person who watches or notices something.
  1. 'Keen-eyed observers among you will notice that I've been fiddling with my template once again.'
  2. 'For instance, on the island site of the ‘Three Pools Mirroring the Moon’ even a casual observer may notice something slightly odd about some of the trees.'
  3. 'It took a dedicated observer to notice what was going on, but these clouds were estranged now.'
  4. 'A casual observer might have noticed they were all drinking pints of Caledonian 80 Shilling, but they were not only there to enjoy the local ale.'
  5. 'Only a trained observer would notice her hands and feet look somewhat larger and more masculine.'
  6. 'But a careful observer would notice a second transportation link that leaves from here.'
  7. 'But I do conceive of a new game in the meantime, as I watch the impartial observers who survey us nonstop for our own safety.'
  8. 'In lieu of using polls to determine a candidate's strength among the voters, prudent observers will watch how the campaign teams shuffle their money.'
  9. 'It was a feast to eyes of the observer watching people eat baked water chestnuts.'
  10. 'Industry observers are now watching to see if the changes at both companies will prove a blessing or a curse, particularly for the jobs of the 7,000-plus employees at the two businesses.'
  11. 'some observers expect interest rates to rise'
  12. 'No one has represented the divided self better-the analyst, the observer, the commentator who serves as witness of the one who has come through.'
  13. 'We expected observers to use the public information available to them and thus prefer the ‘rich’ patch.'
  14. 'During our concise conversation, Conrad proves to be a sharp observer and commentator on the game.'
  15. 'Many observers commented on Stalin's timelessness and ubiquity.'
  16. 'Many observers and commentators have wondered why it has taken so long for the Coalition and the provisional government to act.'
  17. 'Religious persecution in that country is a matter of public record and the subject of frequent comment from human rights observers and even from the U.S. State Department.'
  18. 'Astute observers commented on this trend to eliminate force even before the emergence of relativity and quantum mechanics.'
  19. 'The more atavistic commentators and observers demand a perpetual exclusion of Sinn Féin from the process.'
  20. 'Interested observers and commentators might more usefully examine in more detail the results, rather than the personalities of the Police.'
  21. 'Some observers have commented that private certifiers could become the employees of territorial local authorities.'
  22. 'Although it is a closed military area, observers from the African Union have identified it as a base for 900 rebel fighters.'
  23. 'Egypt does not allow international observers to monitor its elections.'
  24. 'Some additional requirements are placed on the officer personnel sent to UN missions in capacity of military observers.'
  25. 'Some 12 British MPs and a small number of international observers will monitor the votes as they are cast across the North and South Islands.'
  26. 'Rice also insisted that international monitors and observers be allowed access to Egyptian presidential and parliamentary elections later this year.'
  27. 'Musa is Amnesty International's official observer of the Military Commission trials at the bay.'
  28. 'Nazif also said his government is not opposed to reputable international observers monitoring the elections if the public accepts such monitoring.'
  29. 'Critics have said that the Commission - which had international observers and monitors - has been too harsh on the State.'
  30. 'The idea that some people might take away from this - that we are a Third-World nation to have international observers monitoring our elections.'
  31. 'There's still time for you to vote on our Web question of the week: Should international observers monitor the U.S. presidential election?'
  32. 'he had been invited to attend the meeting as an observer'
  33. 'These sessions are open to amateur and professional students of all ages, and also to non-musicians who can attend as observers.'
  34. 'His future wife was able to attend the Conference as an observer.'
  35. 'Accredited organisations are invited to participate as observers in the meetings.'
  36. 'Ambassador Niinioja said two officials from Finland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the talks as observers.'
  37. 'The draw took place in Bank House on Sunday, November 7 and the organisers would also like to thank Mr Donnell who acted as an independent observer at the proceedings.'
  38. 'The carrier wants $950 million in overall concessions and says the mechanics are refusing to attend meetings unless observers are present.'
  39. 'Both regulars and guests from previous episodes attend the trial as observers or character witnesses.'
  40. 'Widespread ballot box stuffing was reported, and election observers noted how pro-government forces gathered outside polling stations intimidating voters.'
  41. 'In addition to the mediators, 19 figures representing numerous groups who attended the meeting as observers, also witnessed the signing of the peace deal.'
  42. 'The observers attended formal treatment sessions, but did not actively participate in the meetings themselves.'
  43. 'Future battles will have unmanned systems as forward sensor / observers detecting and identifying high-value targets and calling for fires.'
  44. 'Since there was a shortage of men to fly in the observer / copilot position, he went through abbreviated flight training in-country to fill the gap.'
  45. 'A Naval Air Squadron which trains flight observers has become the first to clock up 50 unbroken years in commission.'

More definitions

1. someone or something that observes.

2. a delegate to an assembly or gathering, who is sent to observe and report but not to take part officially in its activities.

3. U.S. Air Force. a member of an aircrew, other than the pilot, holding an aeronautical rating. a person who maintains observation in an aircraft during flight.

4. Also called air observer, aircraft observer. U.S. Army. a person who serves in an aircraft as a reconnoiterer and directs artillery fire.

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