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Relating to the action or process of closely observing or watching something or someone.
  1. 'the observational skills of a journalist'
  2. 'This is a film about an observational documentary crew following a serial killer.'
  3. 'We film in an observational style, following events on and off over a period of months to see how things turn out.'
  4. 'It is important to remember that the observational data do not communicate consumer thoughts and meanings.'
  5. 'She'd have us take walks to the railroad to sharpen our observational skills.'
  6. 'There is some observational evidence that supports the theory.'
  7. 'a master of observational comedy'
  8. 'There's a lot of brilliantly observational material about relationships.'
  9. 'Her sparky mix of hip hop beats, sing-a-long choruses and sharply observational lyrics about modern English life made her an internet sensation before she even released a record.'
  10. 'Like most comics today, his stage act is far too long but it does include some of the best observational comedy you'll ever see.'
  11. 'It's more like a chorus line of wonderful observational one-liners.'
  12. 'He is well equipped with sharp observational humour and precision comic timing.'


1. of, relating to, or founded on observation, especially founded on observation rather than experiment.

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"studies can be observational."

"datas can be observational."

"consequences can be observational."

"techniques can be observational."

"skills can be observational."

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