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The practice of observing the requirements of law, morality, or ritual.
  1. 'the decline in religious observance'
  2. 'What they need from me is a reduction in weight, an increase in overall physical activity, and observance of the correct diet.'
  3. 'These medallions will be made at the Perth Mint that guarantees their weight, gold and silver content and strict observance of the limited mintage.'
  4. 'The observance of conventions, traditions, and institutional norms permits purposeful choice and action within a frame work that sets limits to possible outcomes.'
  5. 'It has become the object of a global cult, and the money which it absorbs from the world is a from of practical worship, a daily puja, the ritual observance of its omnipotence.'
  6. 'The liminal status of a given character is frequently signalled by deviations in his/her observance of everyday communal rituals.'
  7. 'Renewed emphasis on the strict observance of ‘know your customer’ and collateral policies are needed to ensure that lending standards do not slip during boom periods.'
  8. 'Fireworks, red lanterns, dragon dancing, bells chiming… these have been the symbols of the Chinese people's observance of Spring Festival for centuries.'
  9. 'Canada's central bank can only raise or lower credit rates and cash levels in strict observance of what the US central bank is doing, or else risk utter economic chaos in this country.'
  10. 'It is known, among other things, for its strict observance of the Sabbath.'
  11. 'The Queen is meticulous in her strict observance of the constitution and keeps her role to herself; which does not necessarily mean she has never privately consulted her husband, when she could with propriety do so.'
  12. 'Lamas (religious leaders) skilled in rituals perform the necessary religious observances.'
  13. 'They are disappointed that they cannot encourage their adult children and grandchildren to get involved, except possibly for special observances, such as Christmas.'
  14. 'I do not watch or take part in any official observances.'
  15. 'Each culture has specific mourning rites and observances that are integrated with Christian beliefs and rituals.'
  16. 'It is encouraging to know that the Scottish spokesman of the Muslim Association of Great Britain supports religious observances, Christian or otherwise.'
  17. 'Hot cross buns are thought to have cemented their link with Christian observances in the late 14th century at an abbey in England.'
  18. 'One of the reasons for increasing participation in many of these observances could be the shrinkage in the amount of time that families spend together in these days of nuclear families and working parents.'
  19. 'Most people could name only a few of the Pimbwe gods, clan observances, or customary procedures.'
  20. 'Sufis have occasionally dispensed with the traditional observances of Islam, such as the haj to Mecca, although most have observed the customary rules.'
  21. 'Burial practices vary by religious group, but for the most part funeral and burial observances are the responsibility of the deceased's family.'
  22. 'he drew up a body of monastic observances'
  23. 'Jesus lived under the Mosaic Law, with its rich layers of observances and rules.'
  24. 'Nevertheless, during a period of religious persecution, most authorities agree that one should not abandon one's religious observances or studies out of fear of detection.'
  25. 'This provides for all religious observances including fasting and Hajj to occur in all seasons during a person's life.'
  26. 'The influence of royal wives on their husbands' religious observances suggests the power that women exercised, even within the context of arranged political marriages.'
  27. 'This does not mean we should reject the specificity of our traditions, our religious texts, holidays, observances or prayers.'
  28. 'As long as an accessory is being used for a religious observance, it may not be used for any other purpose, out of respect for God's commandments.'
  29. 'Although not religious, Ilan felt compelled to keep some significant religious observances in space to fulfill his dream of uniting the Jewish people and representing our nation.'
  30. 'The prayer in its present form is not in substance a religious observance, coercive or otherwise and it does not impose any burden on the applicant or any restriction on his exercise of his own beliefs.'
  31. 'They had some institutions of religious observances, including public prayers and fasts.'
  32. 'Reform has also given prominence to the moral commands over the ritual observances.'
The action of watching or noticing something.
  1. 'I looked at him, searching for an elusive answer in my head, a witty reply to such careful observance.'
Respect; deference.
  1. 'To those who cautiously venture into such a hidden world, Wheeler advises respectful observance.'

More definitions

1. an act or instance of following, obeying, or conforming to: the observance of traffic laws.

2. a keeping or celebration by appropriate procedure, ceremonies, etc.: the observance of the Sabbath.

3. a procedure, ceremony, or rite, as for a particular occasion: patriotic observances.

4. a rule or custom to be followed or obeyed; a customary practice.

5. Roman Catholic Church. a rule or discipline for a religious house or order. a house or order observing a rule or discipline.

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"thereofs can be observance."


Middle English: via Old French from Latin observantia, from observant- ‘watching, paying attention to’, from the verb observare (see observe).