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The state or quality of being obscene.
  1. 'Because the Court has ruled that obscenity is not protected speech, the FCC may ban it entirely.'
  2. 'Morality is one of those things, like obscenity, that arbiters have had a hard time defining.'
  3. 'The Net can sometimes seem like a monstrous fountain of obscenity, hate and lies, the ultimate refuge for sociopaths releasing years of pent-up frustration.'
  4. 'The judge then turned to the statutory definition of obscenity and said that it -'
  5. 'I have deleted the post involving obscenity and banned the poster from commenting, although they told me that they would not be returning to the site in any event.'
  6. 'Zine editors, we are told, feel they are immune to the restrictions of copyright, libel and obscenity laws, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and pagination.'
  7. 'He did not oppose legislation governing obscenity or child pornography, but decried the exploitation of fear of child pornography to further bids to censor the Net.'
  8. 'Wade through the policy statements and obscenity violation documents the Federal Communications Commission makes available to the public, and you will fast get lost in a sea of legal jargon.'
  9. 'I've looked at the extradition treaty and there's no extradition for obscenity.'
  10. 'Anti-gambling activists argue that economic gains are overstated and legalization would cause obscenity, violence, and other social problems.'
  11. 'a stream of invective and obscenity'
  12. 'I made my own contribution to the general idiocy when a Frenchman with a black polo neck and a pipe began berating the governor in language that was ingenious in its obscenity.'
  13. 'Yes, the government has instituted a committee to look into the matter of vulgarity and obscenity and the allegations of prostitution racket involving dance bars as pick-up points.'
  14. 'She then explains that she thinks that's a dirty word because obscenity is all in the mind and that word just doesn't sit right with her.'
  15. 'I drink coffee once a day and I'm obsessed with fair-traded products because I know the obscenity around the coffee industry.'
  16. 'Even the outrageously physical sport of Rugby League is becoming far less tolerant of obscenity and ill behaviour in an effort to become more palatable to the masses, not less.'
  17. 'Melville said most of the evidence could be used in the trial but warned the prosecution not to refer to the material as pornography, obscenity or erotic.'
  18. 'The line between what constitutes art or something of literary merit and obscenity or blasphemy is a fine one.'
  19. 'She claims she suffered serious harm, apparently from viewing the halftime show, but the complaint is cast in language of protecting children from obscenity.'
  20. 'Since 1927, the United States government has regulated against indecent language, obscenity, and indecency.'
  21. 'Conservatives also maintained that the level of vulgarity and obscenity in popular culture was being driven upward primarily by the media conglomerates.'
  22. 'Andy continued to mutter obscenities to herself, although too low for anyone to hear or see.'
  23. 'The extremists have shouted obscenities at her in front of her children and other neighborhood children.'
  24. 'Muttering a stream of obscenities, she threw the pan into the sink with a loud clatter.'
  25. 'Unfortunately, it is filled with obscenities and blasphemies of the highest order.'
  26. 'Rick muttered obscenities and threats to kill them all, which she sensibly ignored.'
  27. 'All the while, they were shouting obscenities about my mother and other vile profanities.'
  28. 'They fell over onto one side of the bike, with the man called Tweeter cursing obscenities as he fell.'
  29. 'One of his opponents was last seen heading for the showers at Laem Chabang muttering obscenities under his breath.'
  30. 'He furiously pointed at Powell and launched a broadside of obscenities at the Secretary.'
  31. 'If you chanted the kind of obscenities heard tonight at an English football ground you'd be thrown out - probably for life.'

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1. the character or quality of being obscene; indecency; lewdness.

2. something obscene, as a picture or story.

3. an obscene word or expression, especially when used as an invective.

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"whiles can be obscenities."


(obscenity)Late 16th century: from French obscénité or Latin obscaenitas, from obscaenus (see obscene).