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A rectangular object or flat figure with unequal adjacent sides.
  1. 'One side of the painting is covered with energetic dabs of white and black over soft blue oblongs on a yellow ochre background.'
  2. 'So batch me up in little paper oblongs and stick me on the front counter in Waterstones, and watch those sales figures skyrocket!'
  3. 'Placed as it is within this painting, this anticapitalist logo also invites the viewer to look again at the colorful oblongs pointing down to it and to recognize in them the fingers of an outstretched hand.'
  4. 'An artist who saw a square as an oblong, logically would paint that oblong as a square.'
  5. 'The door ran from the roof (made of canvas) to the dirt floor, and the oblong of light let in showed it was night time.'
  6. 'The remote is a black oblong with buttons up and down its front like the brass on a soldier's uniform.'
  7. 'What he was saying was quite true - the lines were different and it looked like a big oblong in the grass.'
  8. 'Untitled, 1999, is dominated by a bright yellow form with loopy protrusions on one side, serrated edges on the other and red, elliptical oblongs punctuating its middle.'
  9. 'As a result, kidney-shaped items, ellipses, oblongs, S's, and flares replaced the circles, squares, and rectangles that characterised the home of the 1930s.'
  10. 'At first glance his face looked like a long oblong, but upon closer inspection, you found him to be a quite handsome looking young man.'


Having the shape of an oblong.
  1. 'When the moon tugs on the Earth's surface, it stretches the planet into a slightly oblong shape.'
  2. 'No one was seated at the oblong table, apart from Louis leaning nonchalantly at one end talking to Paul, who was seated to the left side of him.'
  3. 'They may be square in shape like ravioli or in half-moon or oblong shapes.'
  4. 'The size and slightly oblong shape certainly help with the reproductions, though the pictures seem to be a little bit misty in texture.'
  5. 'This was a narrow oblong table with a single broad hinged flap.'
  6. 'The scheme of a three-winged portico recalls the many coastal porticoed villas that appear on small square or horizontal oblong panels in Roman wall painting.'
  7. 'Dusting a covered board with flour, she split the dough in half, shaped each section into oblong lengths and placed them in greased loaf pans.'
  8. 'To the left sat a dark, oblong table and six sturdy chairs.'
  9. 'Malkeius walked into the briefing room, a oblong table adorned the center of the chamber with a single holographic projector.'
  10. 'Curving appendages attached to oblong shapes or to punctured spheres in some of the works may allude to other life-forms such as insects or invertebrates.'


1. elongated, usually from the square or circular form.

2. in the form of a rectangle one of whose dimensions is greater than the other. noun

3. an oblong figure.

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"patches can be oblong."

"boxes can be oblong."

"packages can be oblong."

"ups can be oblong."

"tins can be oblong."

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Late Middle English: from Latin oblongus ‘longish’.