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Destroy utterly; wipe out.
  1. 'Today we do nothing but disseminate corruption in the world; we obliterate and destroy the world.'
  2. 'Which city are they going to threaten to obliterate this time?'
  3. 'Over a quarter of the city was obliterated, with a dreadful irony removing it from the top of the list of A-bomb targets.'
  4. 'Withholding food and resources from fellow humans overseas and then obliterating their cities is no way to conduct the greatest country in the world.'
  5. 'It came to a choice between demonstrating the bomb, or obliterating an actual city.'
  6. 'During World War II, he served with the United States Air Corps ‘Statistical Control,’ where he helped determine the most efficient way to obliterate Japanese cities.'
  7. 'He has seen his country crushed under the heel of a ‘liberating’ force which has destroyed its monasteries, killed its religious leaders, and done its best to obliterate its native culture.'
  8. 'When she'd watched her entire town be obliterated by explosives, in order to destroy an out of control infestation of vampires, so many thoughts and feelings had run through her mind.'
  9. 'With their destroyer obliterated the pirates fled in all directions and then regrouped back together to resume their attack.'
  10. 'The tried and tested method of surrounding a city, obliterating whatever moves and razing villages to the ground is producing replicas under the cover of silence.'
  11. 'clouds were darkening, obliterating the sun'
  12. 'One teacher remembers his early drawings as ‘scribbles’; others recall rudimentary figures obliterated by cross-hatching.'
  13. 'The outline of my pictures and other hanging pieces is faintly discernible on paint soon to be obliterated by a new shade.'
  14. 'He appeared to be looking down on an aggressive fire coming up around the edges of the earth, a runaway fire that obliterated his surroundings.'
  15. 'The drifting snow obliterated lesser landmarks and covered the boundaries of roads and ditches with a covering several feet thick, making normal travel nigh on impossible.'
  16. 'Light clouds or smoke over the target had obliterated Fisher's view for the second time and, true to his orders, he would not jeopardize the civilian population.'
  17. 'The skies darkened and the heavens opened obliterating any view whatsoever within minutes of us setting off on our travels again!'
  18. 'The wind was still, the sky was black with the night and with the thick layer of storm clouds that obliterated the moon.'
  19. 'This terrifying shadowy swarm would obliterate the white light.'
  20. 'It is the ultimate human city, which likes to pretend it has obliterated nature under a blanket of asphalt.'
  21. 'Yet in the shadows of the black sky we didn't see the clouds whipping up over Laos, obliterating the stars, the moon.'
  22. 'The stamps affixed are obliterated at the despatching office in a manner to be fixed by our Minister of Finance.'

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1. to remove or destroy all traces of; do away with; destroy completely.

2. to blot out or render undecipherable (writing, marks, etc.); efface.

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"growths can be obliterated."

"cities can be obliterated."

"visions can be obliterated."

"tempers can be obliterated."

"sales can be obliterated."

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(obliterate)Mid 16th century: from Latin obliterat- ‘struck out, erased’, from the verb obliterare, based on littera ‘letter, something written’.