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Require or compel (someone) to undertake a legal or moral duty.
  1. 'I had dinner cooked for me last night so I am now obligated to make pikelets for breakfast.'
  2. 'After completing their training, all medical workers are obligated to put in several years at a state medical facility.'
  3. 'Each member is obligated to contribute 2.5 percent of his salary or monthly income to the association.'
  4. 'Purdha obligates Muslim women not reveal their body form so that the shape of the body remains unseen.'
  5. 'What is it about this particular ceremony that obligates people to travel vast distances, buy expensive casserole dishes, wear unnaturally tidy clothes, and take stupid numbers of photographs?'
  6. 'So we ask, do I get a discount from you guys then because you are not delivering what you are contractually obligated to do?'
  7. 'There is no law that can obligate a person to undergo medical treatment in order to save the life of another person.'
  8. 'I often wonder where such people acquire the notion their freedom of speech obligates me to read, let alone publish, their ideas.'
  9. 'But the Court has not clearly decided whether a state law may obligate people (pedestrians or passengers, and not just drivers) to present identification once they are lawfully stopped.'
  10. 'Senegal's 1973 family code obligates grooms to register their intentions at the time of the first marriage - opting for monogamy, limited polygamy with two wives, or full polygamy.'
Commit (assets) as security.
  1. 'Sellers are obligated to disclose significant property defects of which they are aware.'
  2. 'As agents of investors, managers are obligated to maximize the interests of the owners or principals.'


Restricted to a particular function or mode of life.
  1. 'Taken together, our analysis provides strong evidence for a reductive mode of evolution in obligate intracellular parasites with high rates of DNA loss.'
  2. 'Chlamydia are obligate intracellular parasites that are present in 2 forms.'
  3. 'Microsporidia are obligate intracellular parasites that were thought to be an ancient eukaryotic lineage based on molecular phylogenies using ribosomal RNA and translation elongation factors.'


1. to bind or oblige morally or legally: to obligate oneself to purchase a building.

2. to pledge, commit, or bind (funds, property, etc.) to meet an obligation. adjective

3. morally or legally bound; obliged; constrained.

4. necessary; essential.

5. Biology. restricted to a particular condition of life, as certain organisms that can survive only in the absence of oxygen: obligate anaerobe (opposed to facultative).

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"peasants can be obligated."

"people can be obligated."

"itselfs can be obligated."

"people/places/organizations can be obligated."

"tenants can be obligated."

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(obligate)Late Middle English (as an adjective in the sense ‘bound by law’): from Latin obligatus, past participle of obligare (see oblige). The current adjectival use dates from the late 19th century.