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(of a person or manner) feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm.
  1. 'About halfway across the parking lot, she slowed her pace, trying to appear nonchalant.'
  2. 'They are ostentatiously nonchalant, disinclined to become too involved, at least to begin with.'
  3. 'Kyle smiled down at his father and tried to correct his posture and look very cool and nonchalant at the same time.'
  4. 'She was talking about my present life in such a nonchalant way and acting as though it wasn't important.'
  5. 'He was very nonchalant, very offhand at the press conference when he was making those comments.'
  6. 'Bowyer, on the other hand, displayed a nonchalant grin, full of boyish bravado.'
  7. 'The men swore again, wondering how Tori could be so nonchalant when so many things were going wrong.'
  8. 'Sean gave a nonchalant shrug in reply and sat down on the edge of his bed.'
  9. 'They both act very nonchalant, as though there is absolutely no attraction, but anyone with eyes could see straight through it.'
  10. 'He shrugged, utterly nonchalant, and it was then she realised he hadn't touched a drop of rum all evening.'


1. coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited; casual: His nonchalant manner infuriated me.

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"people can be nonchalant in halves."

"people can be nonchalant in backs."

"people can be nonchalant about shapes."

"guards can be nonchalant for moments."

"people can be nonchalant."

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Mid 18th century: from French, literally ‘not being concerned’, from the verb nonchaloir.