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cardinal number

Equivalent to the product of three and three; one more than eight, or one less than ten; 9.
  1. 'nine of the twelve members'
  2. 'It's only classics that you've seen eight or nine productions of as a reviewer.'
  3. 'They were all jailed for between eight and nine years.'
  4. 'I ended up needing more yarn than quoted in the pattern - nine skeins instead of eight, which is a touch critical with a yarn like that.'
  5. 'The Tigers have made 24 league visits to York and in that series of games, City have won nine times, Hull eight with seven draws.'
  6. 'The USA has given nine gifts, with eight coming from China.'
  7. 'Mainscale production has to be the key and we need to be thinking of eight or nine mainscale productions every year.'
  8. 'At nine and eight years old respectively, both horses should be well equipped for the job, although the starting stalls might come as a bit of a shock.'
  9. 'Last season, he had four touchdowns and nine interceptions in eight games.'
  10. 'Apparently, things are getting tense in central Auckland, as there have been nine contenders for eight frequencies.'
  11. 'Bobby will be sitting to my left, to the congregation's right, and he will be approximately eight to nine rows back.'
  12. 'I was only nine'
  13. 'At nine, Gill joined primary one of a school in Garnethill.'
  14. 'Tricks of the Trade is a three-day dance workshop suitable for anyone from the age of nine and costs 300.'
  15. 'I had flashbacks to the time I accidentally sat on a bus seat soaked with wine having stayed over at OJ's house at the age of about nine.'
  16. 'He could reach 11 notes when he was nine - the age at which he mastered Tchaikovsky's first piano concerto.'
  17. 'I declared myself a supporter of women's lib at the age of nine and naïvely rejoiced at the introduction of a female prime minister.'
  18. 'A study of British youngsters aged nine to 12 looked at the effect of different foods on their hunger levels during the day.'
  19. 'I personally thought the age of wisdom was nine, when I realized I knew more than my parents, or so I believed at the time.'
  20. 'The survey also showed that crimes of vandalism had increased by almost one-fifth over the same period, with some of the culprits aged as young as nine.'
  21. 'His Alpha Force adventure series follows a study which showed that boys aged between nine and 14 were reading less and less.'
  22. 'Between the age of nine and 11, 21 per cent have had contact with porn.'
  23. 'They watched TV for awhile before going for a drink at half past nine.'
  24. 'Music often goes all night from nine in the evening to seven the next morning.'
  25. 'The later licences allow people to start their evening at nine or even ten at night, or take in a show or a meal and still have time for a drink afterwards.'
  26. 'Ben hadn't noticed but it was actually half past nine at night.'
  27. 'The declarer bids 5, announces four nines, and takes 93 card points without taking the stock.'
  28. 'Once the nine of spades is played, then the ten may be played, and so on.'
  29. 'Nines require the next play to play lower than or equal to a nine.'
  30. 'If no one has all the nines, a new hand of 7 cards each is dealt from the remaining undealt part of the pack.'
  31. 'Some play that if you have five nines in your hand and you have no meld (except perhaps deeces), the hand is thrown in and redealt.'
  32. 'This player can choose one of the four suits, or can call nines as trumps.'
  33. 'Sevens and sixes are worth two points, nines and ones are worth nothing, and all other cards are worth one point each.'
  34. 'If a player has a few nines, and some sevens, a couple of 8's, he may on trying be able to make a set of four different 9's, as well as a series of 6, 7, 8, and 9.'
  35. 'He did manage to hit a nine on the next card and an ace on the end, but two pair doesn't beat three of a kind.'
  36. 'You may add to your moons at any time - e.g. if you already have a moon which consists of 2 nines, you may add another 9 to it at any time.'

More definitions

1. a cardinal number, eight plus one.

2. a symbol for this number, as 9 or IX.

3. a set of this many persons or things.

4. a baseball team.

5. a playing card with nine pips.

6. the Nine, the Muses. adjective

7. amounting to nine in number. Idioms

8. dressed to the nines, looking one's best; dressed smartly, splendidly, etc.: All the girls were dressed to the nines for the party.

More examples(as adjective)

"times can be nines."

"bars can be nines."


(nine)Old English nigon, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch negen and German neun, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit nava, Latin novem, and Greek ennea.


(up) to the nines
nine tenths
nine times out of ten