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Nine times as great or as numerous.
  1. 'Women with this change and a family history of breast cancer (first degree relative) have a ninefold increase in risk.'
  2. 'I brought the few happy endings, not the ninefold majority where the endings were not so happy.'
  3. 'It's a hotbed of activity, too: The number of messages sent by the enteric nervous system to the brain out-numbers the communications traveling in the reverse direction by nearly ninefold.'
  4. 'Those who had seven or more of the 17 illnesses had about a ninefold higher risk of suicide than those who had no illnesses.'
  5. 'The material was made by adding lanthanum to an existing catalyst, which led to a ninefold increase in catalytic activity.'
  6. 'The magnitude of the associations between CSA and subsequent high-risk sexual behaviors in these studies varied from a twofold to a ninefold increase in risk.'
  7. 'Curtin calculates the growth of world trade by a factor of 54.5 from $700 million in 1700 to $38,150 million in 1914, including a ninefold increase 1820-80.'
  8. 'He has set Hong Kong on a ninefold path to nowhere with his report to Beijing outlining conditions for democratic reform in Hong Kong.'
  9. 'The structure was found to be highly symmetric with C9, ninefold rotational symmetry.'


By nine times; to nine times the number or amount.
  1. 'Just staying still for five minutes burns six calories, but you can increase that twofold by making your bed, fourfold by walking, sixfold by gardening, and ninefold by climbing stairs.'
  2. 'Compared with 1968 the proportion of delegates under thirty years old had increased ninefold to 23 per cent, and the proportion of blacks and women had almost tripled to 15.5 per cent and 38 per cent respectively.'
  3. 'In the $25,000 to $100,000 range - the low-end company workhorse - Linux shipments will increase ninefold.'
  4. 'With this electrocardiogram patient 1's odds of heart attack increase ninefold from 5: 1 to 45: 1 (posterior probability = 98%).'
  5. 'With many employers willing to foot all or part of the $10,000 yearly tuition tab, enrollment has grown ninefold over the past decade.'
  6. 'An incentive initiative for pupils - sponsored by a local business - has since helped improve the school's GCSEs ninefold.'
  7. 'Waterford's annual sales to the port of New York grew ninefold between 1786 and 1808.'
  8. 'As shown in Table 5, overexpression of ß-protein enhances gene repair ninefold.'
  9. 'Hospital personnel per occupied bed multiplied ninefold, and cost per patient day, adjusted for inflation, an astounding fortyfold, from $30 in 1946 to $1, 200 in 1996.'


1. nine times as great or as much.

2. having nine elements or parts. adverb

3. in a ninefold manner or measure; to or by nine times as much: to increase one's income ninefold.

More examples(as adjective)

"increases can be ninefold."

"gains can be ninefold."