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A person whose job is to guard a building at night.
  1. 'He moonlights as a nightwatchman at the Meadowbank leisure centre in Edinburgh.'
  2. 'A nightwatchman later overheard him bragging about his duplicity and arrested him.'
  3. 'When the nightwatchman discovered the door unlocked and someone sleeping inside, he turned the key in the lock.'
  4. 'In a struggle the nightwatchman punches him and the accused then kills the nightwatchman.'
  5. 'Nightwatchmen in Nairobi munch it to stay alert through the dangerous nights in the crime-ridden capital.'
  6. 'Some trainers have nightwatchmen and some don't.'
  7. 'The four are interrupted by the nightwatchman, Victor.'
An inferior batsman sent in to bat when a wicket falls just before the end of a day's play, to avoid the dismissal of a better one in adverse conditions.
  1. 'The youngster was not always composed but displayed an exuberance reminiscent of Alex Tudor's match-winning innings as a nightwatchman at Edgbaston last year.'
  2. 'It was nice to get a little bit of a first innings lead and have them one down with the nightwatchman in, so hopefully we can capitalise on that tomorrow and put them under a bit of pressure.'

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1. watchman.

2. Cricket. a batsman who is sent in to bat just before the end of a day's play and continues his innings on the next day of play.

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