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A long shirt worn in bed especially by boys or men.
  1. 'I nodded and buried my head into his soft nightshirt.'
  2. 'I knocked on the door, which brought the owner of the house out dressed in a nightshirt and shawl and carrying what I took to be a lighted reed.'
  3. 'Then he took off the nightshirt and long underwear he wore, and pulled on the outfit Rose had given him.'
  4. 'He was wearing a pair of pajama pants and a long sleeved nightshirt, both of which looked very warm.'
  5. 'Staring at her for a few moments he tried to decide whether or not it would be a good idea to leave her in her jeans and sweatshirt or change her into one of her nightshirts.'
  6. 'But I was finally out of bed and standing barefoot on a smooth wooden floor in just a white knee-length nightshirt.'
  7. 'Upstairs in Scott's room Johnny was getting his brother out of his work clothes, into a nightshirt and settled in his bed.'
  8. 'Of all the days they decide to wash my decent nightshirts, why now?'
  9. 'She reached up onto the shelf and tried to get down the nightshirts.'
  10. 'Ashlee looked down at her overly large nightshirt, and blushed.'
  11. 'On the evening of Monday, October 27, 1879, Denn closed his shop, retired to his apartment next door, donned a nightshirt, and went to bed.'
  12. 'He pulled on his trousers underneath his nightshirt.'
  13. 'In his arms he clutched a hand made stuffed animal that matched the soft green cotton breeches he wore and clashed horribly with the crème nightshirt that hung to his knees.'
  14. 'But after that adrenaline rush while still in my nightshirt, the rest of the day has been pretty uneventful.'
  15. 'She was wearing a long, powder-blue nightshirt.'
  16. 'But only after you finish breakfast, and get clothed appropriately beyond nightshirts and such.'
  17. 'She was just plain old Kirby again, dressed in a red flannel nightshirt and shorts and scribbling furiously in her diary about the events of the evening.'
  18. 'The man, in nightshirt and nightcap, his splayed legs towards you, lies on a sheet pulled from the bed.'
  19. 'He was still wearing one of dad's old tee-shirts that served him for a nightshirt, his brown hair all tousled on his head.'

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1. a loose shirtlike garment reaching to the knees or lower, for wearing in bed.

More examples(as adjective)

"legs can be nightshirt."