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Social activities or entertainment available at night in a town or city.
  1. 'nightlife is varied, with open-air concerts, bars and a disco'
  2. 'Underneath, I guessed, the silent town had its own nightlife, the pubs and the brothels.'
  3. 'Portoroz, the more established of the two towns, does have a casino and some nightlife.'
  4. 'Last but not least, he enjoys nightlife, no small concern in the city that never sleeps.'
  5. 'Come here for the beaches, the Latin flavour and abundant nightlife.'
  6. 'I explored so much nightlife and low-life that I only went home to sleep.'
  7. 'On my second night in Saipan I went to a beach bar, where I first experienced the local nightlife.'
  8. 'For nightlife, Athens is a vibrant city that more or less stays open all night long.'
  9. 'With its countless bars and clubs, the area is the hub of the town's nightlife.'
  10. 'There is nightlife in the city centre but you have to know where to look, and just as importantly where to avoid.'
  11. 'Despite the absence of Irish pubs and techno bars, we found the local nightlife impressive for such a small town.'

More definitions

1. the activity of people seeking nighttime diversion, as at a nightclub, theater, or the like.

2. the entertainment available to them.

More examples(as adjective)

"districts can be nightlife."

"temperaments can be nightlife."

"spots can be nightlife."

"bans can be nightlife."