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A cap worn in bed.
  1. 'Scrooge sits before the fire in his dressing gown and nightcap thinking of the way that the doorknocker changed form.'
  2. 'If I could get away with wearing a hat, I would (I've often joked with my wife that there is a vast untapped market for authentic nightcaps in this country).'
A hot or alcoholic drink taken before bedtime.
  1. 'We weren't ready to call it a night, so we headed to Daiquiri Dick's for a nightcap.'
  2. 'Second, when taking medication that shouldn't be mixed with alcohol, don't drink an entire bottle of wine as a nightcap when you need to catch a train early the next morning.'
  3. 'I went home, watched the telly and had a few drinks, then a couple of nightcaps.'
  4. 'But as a wonderful dinner, a romantic walk on the pier and a tasty nightcap at a local pub passed, Sarah seemed to get dejected.'
  5. 'He swallowed what was left of his nightcap of vodka and placed the cup on the desk.'
  6. 'But hell, a drink after a day at work can make a good nightcap too.'
  7. 'Very often you may be eating three meals together each day or sharing a cocktail before dinner or a nightcap when the day is done.'
  8. 'Finally, somewhat tired and emotional, we ended up having a nightcap around 3am - some 12 hours after we started drinking - before retiring to bed.'
  9. 'The jovial evening was finished back at V's where we enjoyed a final vodka nightcap.'
  10. 'Don't be surprised if your lunch spills over into afternoon cocktails and finally nightcaps.'
The second game of a double-header.
  1. 'In the nightcap of the doubleheader, he hit a ninth inning homer off Hoyt Wilhelm to assure the Yankees of a 1-0 win.'
  2. 'Nicholson had hit three home runs in the opener and connected again in the seventh inning of the nightcap.'
  3. 'In the nightcap, it went down to the ninth inning, two out and we're one run down.'

More definitions

1. Informal. an alcoholic drink taken at bedtime or at the end of a festive evening.

2. a cap for the head, intended primarily to be worn in bed.

3. Sports Informal. the last event of the program for the day, especially the second game of a doubleheader in baseball or the last race of the day in horse racing.

More examples(as adjective)

"stars can be nightcap."