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The period from sunset to sunrise in each twenty-four hours.
  1. 'the door is always locked at night'
  2. 'At night, I was awakened by the piercing wind and burrowed under the quilt to escape the cold.'
  3. 'If the problem exists only at night, a medicine to reduce the volume of urine in the night is prescribed.'
  4. 'She loved starry nights, sunrises and sunsets, the moon, snow… her list could go on and on.'
  5. 'At night the sky had been swept clean of clouds and the stars were blazing in the moonless night.'
  6. 'At night no one's talking to anyone; people make noise because there is no one to listen.'
  7. 'At night, the nine slept by four separate campfires, divided along gender and age lines.'
  8. 'Sam hated to drive at night, especially a night such as this when it was cold and windy.'
  9. 'At night, the moonlight that came through the doors was fantastic and mysterious.'
  10. 'At night, down on the water, they seem just beyond grasp, unreachably distant, like the past itself.'
  11. 'At night it will glow bright white and it will look quite beautiful.'
  12. 'Rates start at £196 per person per night, for a standard room with two people sharing.'
  13. 'Prices are per person for two nights' bed and breakfast with dinner on the first night, based on two people sharing a double room.'
  14. 'Rates: $400 per person for four nights, which includes three days of lift tickets and enormous breakfasts.'
  15. 'My June break cost from £90 per person for two nights, bed, breakfast and evening meal.'
  16. 'Flights and self-catering accommodation for seven nights costs €400 per person sharing.'
  17. 'For example, the estimated time limit could be set at five days and the cost per night at £200.'
  18. 'The cost is 5 per night per person but the school has shouldered the bulk of the costs.'
  19. 'With prices starting at £209 per person for seven nights' accommodation you cannot afford to miss this offer.'
  20. 'It makes perfect sense: a one-bed or studio flat is considerably cheaper per night than a hotel.'
  21. 'The total cost of three nights accommodation and return flights is €710 per person, based on two people in single occupancy rooms.'
  22. 'a line of watchfires stretched away into the night'
The period between afternoon and bedtime; an evening.
  1. 'Last night was a quiet night in, just me and a few glasses of nice whiskey.'
  2. 'She hadn't stayed up as late as she had last night since the night she met Christopher.'
  3. 'Last night I went out for a dinner that was both lovely and very very strange.'
  4. 'Last night she ate her dinner and she gobbled five peppermints right out of my hand.'
  5. 'Last night again, the fight ended in favour of the man from Edinburgh.'
  6. 'Last night we went for dinner with our host for the day, Henny, in Noordwijk.'
  7. 'Single parents were given the evening off last night while their kids did a spot of Christmas shopping.'
  8. 'Of course, after a lot of late nights in a row, and with the flat so hot, there was little chance of me getting to sleep early last night.'
  9. 'Last night's Eastern Evening News has predicted that I will win North Norfolk.'
  10. 'Last night, my friend would not allow his wife and a female friend to go down to their outside garage on their own.'
  11. 'a quiz night'
  12. 'The restaurant has a cosy and relaxing feel to it, and the subtle lighting and candles make it ideal for a romantic night out.'
  13. 'It is hoped to reach the appeal target by the end of 2004 and other events include wine and cheese evenings, quiz nights, a parish fun day and an outdoor play.'
  14. 'Saturday night is the big night out, but we all plan to go into the city first of all for some dinner.'
  15. 'But at night he drove round searching for vulnerable women wanting cabs home after nights out in Manchester.'
  16. 'These types of smoker can get through a packet or two in a single night but then won't smoke until their next night out.'
  17. 'The evening is an absorbing night out and one not to be lightly ignored.'
  18. 'The Parent Staff Friends Association began fundraising two years ago with events such as quiz nights, a dance and a Christmas fair.'
  19. 'Patrons can place their bets in the bar and in the lounge on the night, so come along and enjoy a fun night out.'
  20. 'The evening promises to be a great night out that helps raise money for a worthy cause.'
  21. 'But I do hope they are still happy to be seen in public together, enjoying dinner or a night out.'



    During the night; at night.

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      1. the period of darkness between sunset and sunrise.

      2. the beginning of this period; nightfall.

      3. the darkness of night; the dark.

      4. a condition or time of obscurity, ignorance, sinfulness, misfortune, etc.: the long night of European history known as the Dark Ages.

      5. (sometimes initial capital letter) an evening used or set aside for a particular event, celebration, or other special purpose: a night on the town; poker night; New Year's Night. adjective

      6. of or relating to

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      "curfews can be night."

      "surcharges can be night."

      "sisters can be night."

      "raids can be night."

      "performances can be night."

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      Old English neaht, niht, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch nacht and German Nacht, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin nox and Greek nux.


      night and day