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Ungenerous with money, time, etc.; mean.
  1. 'Now that it's revealed, it seems niggardly and banal - and it calls into question the entire notion of free will and predestination.'
  2. 'As long as I had known him he was, for reasons of pure miserliness, dishonest as an officer, often niggardly in a dirty way, and he owes even today the cash he borrowed from many privates.'
  3. 'The wife of a niggardly merchant asks the loan of a hundred francs from a priest to buy finery.'
  4. 'For some odd reason many of our guys seem to be just downright niggardly!'
  5. 'It is niggardly in the extreme, however, to refuse to acknowledge what has happened in this land thus far.'
  6. 'He also says that, since the publishers have been so niggardly with the advance, they have been generous with their punctuation, adding lots of commas and a few hyphens.'
  7. 'Many of those who tend to be greedy, envious, and niggardly anyway fall prey to sin.'
  8. 'Given his prolific output and consistent proficiency, it is testimony to the niggardly artistic heart of the big publishing houses that there hasn't even been a Selected - leave alone a Collected - volume of his poems.'
  9. 'Having spent so much time on the concerto to slight the sonata may seem niggardly but I must confess that I really don't appreciate the piece enough to discuss this recording.'
  10. 'Brankin has promised financial backing from the Scottish Executive, but the private sector in Scotland has traditionally been niggardly in its support of major golfing events.'
  11. 'a niggardly shoestring budget'
  12. 'His readers, on the other hand, certainly read books, but his scraps of praise ‘were so niggardly to the writers he scrutinised that he was held by some to be an equally ineffective medium’.'
  13. 'Long-awaited plans for upgrading them are niggardly and short-sighted.'
  14. 'The freedom he afforded his people was great… but couple it with the niggardly compensation, and you couldn't get anyone good to work for you for very long today.'
  15. 'We may very well find that we are contributing, through this niggardly, miserly provision, to further examples of leaky buildings.'
  16. 'If the fee which Germanicus offers is niggardly, which I doubt, then I shall see you are paid what you are worth.'
  17. 'Despite the operational success of the high-quality Australian personnel, that contribution was niggardly and certainly not reflective of the public relations balderdash that accompanied it.'
  18. 'The high level of vacillation in English policy during the famine years, however, and the existence of even niggardly efforts at relief, are inconsistent with a prior intent to exterminate and a systematic pursuit of that goal.'


In a mean or meagre manner.


    1. reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.

    2. meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter. adverb

    3. in the manner of a niggard.

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    "people can be niggardly."

    "payouts can be niggardly."

    "outs can be niggardly."

    "lights can be niggardly."

    "generations can be niggardly."

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    Mid 16th century: from niggard + -ly.