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A person who habitually nibbles at food.
  1. 'Has she given her selection the full-on syrup-drowning treatment (not afraid to splurge), or do the scattered half-open jam packets indicate she's a nibbler (delicate, but with a mellow fruity finish)?'
  2. 'Hejazi gave a speech, which boomed from the speakers over the convocation mall, leaving cookie nibblers stunned.'
  3. 'The menu caters to nibblers and hearty appetites alike.'
  4. 'The scene which appears most frequently in art shows the cook repelling boarders, beating off the tasters and nibblers who hover hopefully round his precious stewpot.'
  5. 'Fleming's sweet and savory snacks (and everything is miniature and priced accordingly) are meant for Lieblingesque noshers, not dainty nibblers.'
  6. '‘I am a confirmed nibbler,’ said one of the two girls, who were twins.'
  7. 'Good morning and welcome to the program, which will be illuminating for night nibblers, like me for instance.'
A cutting tool in which a rapidly reciprocating punch knocks out a line of overlapping small holes from a metal sheet.
  1. 'Drill a starter hole and use a hand nibbler like the Klein 76011B Nibbler Tool.'

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1. a person or thing that nibbles.

2. any of several fishes of the family Girellidae, inhabiting shallow coastal waters on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, having thin, incisorlike teeth.

More examples(as adjective)

"indigestions can be nibbler."