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Full of news, especially of a personal kind.
  1. 'When she could no longer write newsy notes to a long list of friends, she clipped photos out of the Montrose newspaper and sorted them into envelopes for Paul to mail.'
  2. 'An uncle wrote newsy letters to his nephew at college.'
  3. 'Five minutes tells you whether it's a newsy day or not.'
  4. 'All of this translates into interesting fodder for newsy features or even hard news.'
  5. 'Jokes today are also less visual and far more newsy than they were 40 years ago, when cartoonists could not expect news events to enter the popular consciousness quickly.'
  6. 'This, along with the publication of many newsy items that would not likely be published elsewhere, has certainly benefited all of us who read it.'
  7. 'Also in the ‘good idea’ category, Laurie Writes comes up with great suggestion for keeping in touch with all those people you are meaning to write a good newsy email to, one of these days.'
  8. 'We want to be of service to our community, to become a clearing house for newsy features of all aspects of living in Japan.'
  9. 'Between links to sites selling organic cotton T-shirts and handbags made from reclaimed plastic bags are newsy posts - such as one on Safeway's shift to renewable energy - to guide the discriminating green consumer.'
  10. 'Her newsy notes make it clear they've been tearing up the trails in Seattle and wherever they go.'



    1. full of news: a nice long newsy letter.

    2. gossipy.

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    "magazines can be newsy."

    "letters can be newsy."

    "interviews can be newsy."

    "formats can be newsy."

    "forms can be newsy."

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