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The area in a newspaper or broadcasting office where news is processed.
  1. 'There is a general understanding that what goes on in the newsroom stays in the newsroom.'
  2. 'The 20-year quest for parity in the number of journalists of color in newsrooms had failed.'
  3. 'The best journalists and newsrooms are ready for these moments and they are adept at applying their guiding principles.'
  4. 'The great divide between the word people and the visual people is nothing new in newspaper newsrooms.'
  5. 'This may be the next step and part of a research agenda for further investigation of Web use in news media newsrooms.'
  6. 'I look around at the other mid-level managers and top editors in my newsroom and other newsrooms.'
  7. 'While women are the majority sex at campus newspapers men dominate in professional newsrooms.'
  8. 'Forces outside of newspaper and TV newsrooms have already decided that she will be known to the public.'
  9. 'How many communities are still getting their news from all-white newsrooms?'
  10. 'The woman patched her through to the newsroom, where a reporter answered the phone.'

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1. a room in the offices of a newspaper, news service, or broadcasting organization in which the news is processed.

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