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Cheap, low-quality absorbent printing paper made from coarse wood pulp and used chiefly for newspapers.
  1. 'In the acres of newsprint and hours of film footage devoted over the past week to the Queen Mother not even a passing mention has been made of her first cousin.'
  2. 'The company is engaged in the making of newsprint, which is primarily recycled paper.'
  3. 'So if we could separate out the house buying, the car buying, the changing of jobs, we would save eight million kilos a year of newsprint.'
  4. 'And all with a few simple lines on a few square centimetres of newsprint.'
  5. 'Then when we were all satisfied with the composition, they drew the size they wanted on newsprint.'
  6. 'There was certainly more newsprint used on the subject than the clothing material used on the ramp by all the designers combined.'
  7. 'He was writing sample topics on a piece of newsprint that was taped to shelves stuffed with law books.'
  8. 'Despite a shortage of newsprint, newspapers and magazines continued to be published in every country during the war years.'
  9. 'The increase is necessitated by the recent substantial rise in production costs, particularly of newsprint.'
  10. 'Even scented candles or fresh newsprint are triggers for some people with asthma.'

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1. a low-grade, machine-finished paper made from wood pulp and a small percentage of sulfite pulp, used chiefly for newspapers.

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"prices can be newsprint."

"costs can be newsprint."

"makers can be newsprint."

"papers can be newsprint."

"markets can be newsprint."

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