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A periodical, usually published weekly, that reports and comments on current events.
  1. 'A poignant photograph then published in a newsmagazine showed her grieving over the body of her child, who died in the disaster that flattened their village and killed more than 1,400 of its residents.'
  2. 'With world events sometimes changing by the hour, it is reassuring to know there is a progressive media apparatus that can report on and analyze the rapidly shifting landscape as fast as the mainstream dailies and weekly newsmagazines.'
  3. 'I realize that major newsmagazines have been doing duty as publicists for movies for quite some time, at least since Time put The Godfather, Part II on its cover.'
  4. 'The major newsmagazines put out special issues.'
  5. 'Through its 100,000-circulation Washington Times, Insight, a weekly newsmagazine, and a host of organizations that it funds, the church has become a major player in conservative politics.'
  6. 'The only real surprise, I thought, was the small number of photos of any kind published by the weekly newsmagazines, which are much more dependent on graphic content than newspapers.'
  7. 'We give students copies of opinion columns from local newspapers and national newsmagazines that mislead readers about education in the United States.'
  8. 'I hope today that the Joint Chiefs and their commanders in the field are not spending valuable time rebutting the plans and ideas being published in newspapers and newsmagazines.'
  9. 'Traditional print and electronic media outlets aren't all bastions of accuracy and reliability, of course with supermarket tabloids, for instance, employing completely different standards than weekly newsmagazines.'
  10. 'Later that year, Kumar published an account of his journeys in the newsmagazine Illustrated Weekly of India.'
  11. 'Moore was host and executive director of the TV newsmagazine program, TV Nation.'
  12. 'But networks mostly offered soap operas and newsmagazines and held back their popular sitcoms and dramas due to rights issues.'
  13. 'But come next week, he will sign off from ‘Now,’ the weekly PBS newsmagazine he began in 2002, as, at age 70, he retires from television.'
  14. 'TN Media Senior VP Steve Sternberg hails fewer newsmagazines, fewer cookie-cutter comedies and more distinctive dramas as developments that will ‘get people back from cable.’'
  15. 'Aliens are a common theme both as a dramatic effect in a storyline and as the subject matter of serious newsmagazine programs about scientific exploration and pseudoscience.'
  16. 'He hosts ‘NOW’ which is television's smartest newsmagazine and continues to make documentaries.'
  17. 'On the television newsmagazine 20 / 20, John Stossel called the biologists who sent the hair ‘zealots.’'
  18. 'She arrived at the pinnacle 12 years ago, landing first at NBC Nightly News and later the newsmagazine show Dateline NBC.'
  19. 'On the other hand, that kind of money is certainly within the budgets of the major newsmagazine programs on television.'
  20. 'And 28 percent of women say they're watching more Dateline, 20/20 and other newsmagazines today than they did before the attacks, compared with 18 percent of men.'

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1. a periodical specializing in reports and commentaries on current events, usually issued weekly.

2. Radio andTelevision. magazine (def 5a).

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