Adjective "newfound" definition and examples

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Recently discovered or established.
  1. 'he loved his new-found freedom'
  2. 'With newfound determination, he haunted the sets of big studio productions, filling up notebook after notebook on the nuances of moviemaking.'
  3. 'The film is also interesting as an illustration of newfound working class affluence and aspirations.'
  4. 'With his newly found wealth, he and his family headed back to their land.'
  5. 'She plays Greta, a Manhattan book editor who's grappling with her new-found ambition.'
  6. 'It was fun in the beginning to take advantage of this newfound power I had over him.'
  7. 'His resignation gained him quite a lot of newfound respect from politicians and citizens alike, myself included.'
  8. 'Harlan used some of his newfound free time to give his brother Sam a lift to prison.'
  9. 'One day at work, I chat more with my newfound friend, and I discover he has a weblog.'
  10. 'Tommy's newfound intellectual and moral restlessness has cost him his wife and family.'
  11. 'Early adolescents are very aware of, and proud of, their new-found reasoning abilities.'
  12. 'Instead, the boys used their newfound funds to build their own studio and track the album themselves.'
  13. 'This newfound urgency appears only in fits and starts.'
  14. 'In spite of their growing terror, Jack leads his newly found tribe of hunters into the jungle for the slaying of another pig.'
  15. 'But this part-time mason made it clear that he did not intend for his newfound fame to go to his head.'
  16. 'The newfound planet's host star is a red dwarf with about one-fifth the mass of our sun.'


1. newly found or discovered: newfound friends.

More examples(as adjective)

"strengths can be newfound."

"stabilities can be newfound."

"friends can be newfound."

"allies can be newfound."

"freedoms can be newfound."

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