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Different from what one is used to; objectionably new.
  1. 'My father, who loved new gadgets, was infatuated with this relatively newfangled device called the computer.'
  2. 'I'd love to have one of those newfangled navigation systems that tell you how to get to specific addresses.'
  3. 'It's not the same kind of reporting, but it is reporting - newfangled reporting!'
  4. 'The original recipe is now also offered with other fresh fruits blended in, like pineapple, strawberry or banana, but I'm too much of a purist to try any of these newfangled variations.'
  5. 'If you were really lucky, you had one of those newfangled local commercial stations with DJs that talked really fast so they could fit the adverts in.'
  6. 'He rambles and manhandles the equipment, testily blaming newfangled technology when he has difficulty with basic tasks such as placing a compact disc in a player.'
  7. 'I think that it may be time to get ‘our little man that does’ up on the roof of cube Towers to fix our aerial, so we can buy one of those newfangled boxes.'
  8. 'And Miracle Grill, a guacamole traditionalist for 17 years, now offers a newfangled pineapple version.'
  9. 'Something new - by now, you're probably thinking that I don't listen to any of those newfangled popular beat combos that clutter up the hit parade.'
  10. 'I've been thinking about these newfangled, extra-angry inspections for the last day, and how they'd work.'


1. of a new kind or fashion: newfangled ideas.

2. fond of or given to novelty.

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"trades can be newfangled."

"tractors can be newfangled."

"omnibuseses can be newfangled."

"machineries can be newfangled."

"hymns can be newfangled."

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Middle English: from newfangle (now dialect) ‘liking what is new’, from the adverb new + a second element related to an Old English word meaning ‘to take’.