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(of a child or animal) recently or just born.
  1. figurative 'a newborn star'
  2. 'Mothers of newborn children can expect to receive extra $3,000 dollars per year, more by 2008.'
  3. 'The nurturing role of mothers is represented and celebrated as a mother cow cares for her newborn calf.'
  4. 'The bus has moved on but we wait with the young parents and the newborn child under the shade of a tree driving away the dogs and waiting for the return of the bus.'
  5. 'As new parents, we were fond of videotaping pretty much everything involving our newborn child.'
  6. 'The pond in our garden is a contained space and there has been much celebration of the quantity of newborn fish spotted recently and respectively by the wife, the cat and the local heron.'
  7. 'Blindness is also a fairly common deformity in newborn sheep.'
  8. 'Fetal exposures to this proliferating pollutant can harm newborn mice and rats, a new study shows.'
  9. 'Farm owner Jeff Marshall used the heart massage and mouth-to-mouth techniques he had learnt to save newborn calves and lambs to bring the youngster back to life.'
  10. 'Killer goldfish, newborn kittens and computer smashing ducks were all topics of conversations in the junior and senior infants class.'
  11. 'There have been two heartbreaking situations in Scotland recently where newborn babies have been abandoned.'


A recently born child or animal.
  1. 'Selective elimination of genetically flawed newborns is necessary if we are to prevent their inferior genes from entering the gene pool.'
  2. 'Although smaller than average newborns, 35 rather than 45 kilos, the triplets are fit and healthy.'
  3. 'It affects newborns as well as the elderly with varying consequences.'
  4. 'From the birthing classes I attended in the last months of my wife's pregnancy, I know that newborns can't see.'
  5. 'Stem cells have been found in adult tissues, in umbilical cord blood from newborns, and in embryos.'
  6. 'It would be outrageous if this child's death did not result in improved treatment for other mothers and newborns.'
  7. 'They included photos of newborns, newly married couples, and those who had recently died.'
  8. 'It is hoped that by 2005 all areas in England will be testing all newborns at birth as the hearing screening program.'
  9. 'If you know other families with newborns and young kids, it may be helpful to spend time with them.'
  10. 'It was impossible not to buy anything from these women as they cradled their newborns in the cold.'


1. recently or only just born.

2. born anew; reborn: a newborn faith in human goodness. noun, plural newborn, newborns.

3. a newborn infant; neonate.

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"people can be newborn of associations."

"babies can be newborn."

"children can be newborn."

"infants can be newborn."

"sons can be newborn."

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