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Not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial.
  1. 'Since the 1960s, with few exceptions, on the greatest questions of good and evil, the Left has either been neutral toward or actively supported evil.'
  2. 'President Museveni of Uganda did not attend although Uganda did send a delegation, whilst Rwanda refused to take part, claiming that Zambia was no longer neutral in the conflict.'
  3. 'British government was far from neutral in the conflict in the North.'
  4. 'When confronted with a decision to take sides among two conflicting parties, it is always better to be fully devoted to one side than to be neutral.'
  5. 'This should be enough to make any neutral observer support them, but there is a more important cause.'
  6. 'US aircraft dropped more bombs on Laos, a neutral nation, during the conflict than the combined tonnage dropped in the Second World War.'
  7. 'After all, how many Premiership sides have separate turnstiles for neutral supporters?'
  8. 'The Taoiseach was in touch with most of his EU counterparts in the lead up to the summit and visited the other three neutral capitals and Rome to ensure support for the declaration.'
  9. 'We could oppose the war on the streets, support it or remain awkwardly neutral (although few chose the latter option).'
  10. 'Russia may still prefer to stay neutral in the bloody conflict with Iraq.'
  11. 'the trial should be held on neutral ground'
  12. 'In the interest of fairness, Munster Finals should be on neutral ground but once again the Munster Council showed its downright craziness by not fixing the match for Cork.'
  13. 'This means that service users in Keighley will either have to meet advocates at Airedale Hospital or travel to Bradford, as the neutral ground provided by the Keighley office will no longer be available to them.'
  14. 'Such was the parity between the two teams that when they met on neutral ground in the inaugural Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 1987 that the result could only be a draw.'
  15. 'I played an influential role that the trial should be on neutral ground.'
  16. 'It should be at a neutral ground which is nearer to both clubs.'
  17. 'Williams would seem to be claiming that these metaphysicians and epistemologists stand on neutral ground when deciding between various ways of reaching agreement.'
  18. 'Geneva is the best place to showcase these, as Switzerland has no car industry and is seen as neutral ground.'
  19. 'Members of the public can speak to a police officer on neutral ground in the supermarket's entrance area or, if they would like some privacy, in an adjoining office.'
  20. 'Territories were well-demarcated, but the boys respected the churchyard as neutral ground.'
  21. 'The only good that may come out of it is the realization that in the war against Islamo-fascism, there isn't a neutral ground.'
Having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features.
  1. 'Sit the subject in a chair some distance away from a neutral background, and turn the chair 45 degrees to the camera.'
  2. 'The background is neutral, and appears to be a close-up photo of the cracked landscape of some dry, dry land.'
  3. 'Support for a neutral data description language is necessary in order to adapt to any data format.'
  4. 'For a quick start add pattern to a neutral background rather than a patterned one.'
  5. 'A well-lit, quiet room with a clean, neutral background are a necessity for an effective videoconferencing space.'
  6. 'Persons with a positive or more neutral experience may not feel as compelled to speak out or to participate in such research.'
  7. 'Jack looked to her mother, his features carefully neutral.'
  8. 'She schooled her features to remain neutral and took another bite of her breakfast as if she were giving his proposal careful consideration.'
  9. 'She knew that her worries and fears were obvious on her face, and wondered how the other woman could keep her features so neutral.'
  10. 'Colour fidelity is also excellent, and there are beautiful examples of the reds of Roman uniforms contrasted against neutral backgrounds and blue skies.'
  11. 'I keep my face utterly neutral as I think, but I consider myself safe.'
  12. 'Their art shows large, solitary figures of animals, birds and people, often from different angles, floating on a neutral background.'
  13. 'It was blandly decorated, the walls painted a very neutral tone of beige, and adorned with a few pictures of waving cornfields.'
  14. 'She was about my age, and it was quickly apparent that we shared similar interests, tastes (natural neutral colours, pebbles and blue glass), and philosophy on life.'
  15. 'The carpet is pale green and the walls are a neutral colour.'
  16. 'Because of its strong enhancing effect it leaves a noticeable magenta colour bias in the more neutral hues or tones (the whites and greys).'
  17. 'The master bedroom is decorated in neutral tones of beige and cream and features built-in wardrobes and an original cast-iron fireplace.'
  18. 'A focal point of her final collection is a woollen skirt, blouse and long coat - all in neutral colours - with a cream silk organza overcoat on top.'
  19. 'Beginners may want to try neutral tones of beige and grey or different values of color in the same family for a tone on tone damask effect.'
  20. 'Like the hall, the room had been decorated in rather neutral colours, the beige floor carrying on into this room also.'
  21. 'The 6% sunlight environment was created by using layers of neutral shade cloth supported by metal frames.'
  22. 'When you really want to flatter your eyes, go for sheer, neutral shadow colors like beige or pale banana-yellow.'
Neither acid nor alkaline; having a pH of about 7.
  1. 'neutral soil conditions'
  2. 'A litmus paper can be used to find out whether the soil is acidic, alkaline or neutral.'
  3. 'Clematis prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline soil, so add lime if your soil is on the acidic side. Keep the roots shaded and the tops in sun.'
Having neither a positive nor negative electrical charge.
  1. 'Positively charged cations are smaller than their neutral atoms because they lose electrons.'
  2. 'Hook up the pigtail ground wire to the ground screw on the receptacle, and the pigtail neutral wire to the silver side.'
  3. 'Use a neon circuit tester to verify the power is off by touching one lead to an exposed black wire and the other to a metal box or to the neutral wire.'


An impartial or unbiased state or person.
  1. 'I attended the Cup Final as a neutral'
  2. 'The government is unable to use the criterion of nationality to identify its adversaries, and immigrants are unable to invoke their status as neutrals to fend off suspicion.'
  3. 'In fact the players are leaping out of their skins in training, and there's a very steely resolve to do down the odds and bring about what most neutrals would consider to be a fairly major championship shock on Sunday week.'
  4. 'Like many neutrals who will be in the Park on Sunday, I'll just sit back and enjoy what I think could be a fitting finale to what has been one of the most memorable years in Sligo's proud football history.'
  5. 'But we neutrals will be ushered away (figuratively, I hope), leaving the stage set for a thumping reaffirmation of the view that Hadrian's Wall means far more than a few stones on a hill.'
  6. 'The commission has no suggestions about how to engage in those battles, who to choose as allies and who to identify as neutrals.'
  7. 'In seeking to forge a global, US-led coalition to prosecute an all-out war on terrorism, officials are saying, in effect, that there are no neutrals any more.'
  8. 'Even for those of us trying to play the fair-minded neutral, it's hard to whip up sympathy for a UUP that might soon be receiving the last rites, because the Ulster Unionists have done little to cultivate the sympathies of neutrals.'
  9. 'Watching the Conservative Party leadership contest, political neutrals are unsure whether to laugh or cry.'
  10. 'For all that, very few of those same neutrals would now bet against either country in this silliest of seasons.'
  11. 'For the neutrals, however, for those brought up on Munster championship hurling, the big question this weekend is, can Waterford and Limerick match the other two games we've had to date?'
Pale grey, cream, or beige.
  1. 'Every splash of white or neutral is anchored by a dose of black.'
  2. 'Sometimes brown can be used as a neutral and sometimes as a warm color.'
  3. 'To punctuate the oh-so-cool neutrals, Oloroso's clean look gets some added oomph from a couple of bold saffron-yellow walls and the soft charcoal grey of the upholstery and carpet in the restaurant.'
A disengaged position of gears in which the engine is disconnected from the driven parts.
  1. 'He hurriedly moved the gear in neutral and tried the emergency brake.'
  2. 'To get the same effect with a car using an engine - slipping the transmission into neutral and shutting down the engine - is hazardous.'
An electrically neutral point, terminal, conductor, or wire.
  1. 'Some boxes will have two bus bars, one for the ground wire, one for the neutral.'


1. not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others: a neutral nation during World War II.

2. not aligned with or supporting any side or position in a controversy: The arbitrator was absolutely neutral.

3. of or belonging to a neutral state or party: neutral territory.

4. of no particular kind, characteristics, etc.; indefinite: a neutral personality that made no impression whatever; a sex-neutral job title.

5. gray; without hue; of zero chroma;

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"people can be neutral on markets."

"places can be neutral in conflicts."

"places can be neutral during wars."

"people can be neutral on stocks."

"deals can be neutral to earningses."

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Late Middle English (as a noun): from Latin neutralis ‘of neuter gender’, from Latin neuter (see neuter).