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Having, caused by, or relating to neurosis.
  1. 'The first thesis is that much neurotic symptomatology and indeed much so-called normal behaviour has a psychotic core.'
  2. 'In most of these studies the subjects were being treated for endogenous depression, neurotic depressive reaction, or psychoneurotic reaction with depression.'
  3. 'he seemed a neurotic, self-obsessed character'
  4. 'There are other parallels between the two men, such as both have the same agent, and both of them seem to be rather neurotic and obsessive, a trait that seems to occur in many comedians.'
  5. 'The amusing thing here, of course, is that De Niro's character in the film is clearly an obsessive, neurotic control freak who also teaches his cat to use a flush toilet.'


A neurotic person.
  1. 'This is the world of neurotics in which psychoanalysis is involved.'
  2. 'Writing about dreams - for Freud, prime evidence in the case of neurotics - the Brazilian-trained psychoanalyst Ignes Sodre posits a common source for different affects.'
  3. 'In his quest to treat all neurotics, and not just those who suffer from hysteria, Freud abandons hypnotism and develops the technique of free association.'


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of neurosis. noun

2. a neurotic person.

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"people can be neurotic about things."

"people can be neurotic about people."

"people can be neurotic."

"symptoms can be neurotic."

"prohibitions can be neurotic."

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