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Relating to a nerve or the nervous system.
  1. 'This disclosure is thought to unblock neural pathways by releasing stored information.'
  2. 'I want to erase this movie from my neural synapses so that no thought of it ever occurs to me again.'
  3. 'It was an unusual sort of false inference, for most of them are about causes of things, not neural pathways.'
  4. 'To record neural activity, we open the animal and expose part of its nervous system.'
  5. 'Because of the neural link between sensory perception and motor activity, the ego controls voluntary movement.'
  6. 'When this occurs due to cold saline irrigation, it appears to have no association to neural trauma.'
  7. 'The entire neural spine and arch of the first two vertebrae of this series are exposed.'
  8. 'It seems to be a translation of Pavlovian conditioning into neural terms.'
  9. 'They got cells to mature into what resembled cartilage, liver, and neural tissues.'
  10. 'Discography is an invasive test that has an inherent risk of infection and neural injury.'


1. of or relating to a nerve or the nervous system.

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"networks can be neural."

"nets can be neural."

"activities can be neural."

"tubes can be neural."

"cells can be neural."

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Mid 19th century: from Greek neuron in the sense ‘nerve’ + -al.