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An arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines.
  1. 'For the mezzotint print, the surface is completely marked with a dense network of lines.'
  2. 'To the right and left, a waxy black layer has been scraped away in an intricate network of boxy lines, revealing an airy green and blue underlayer.'
  3. 'The groups are connected by smaller sets of geometric shapes and a network of yellow lines that resembles a lattice.'
  4. 'Smiling is a dangerous business, leaving as it does a network of fine lines round the nose and mouth, but she figures she can risk it; this is a special day, after all.'
  5. 'The cap is velvety, and pale brown; the foot covered with a distinctive network of white lines.'
  6. 'The drawing consists of three loosely defined rectangles, each filled with networks of angular lines overlaid with dark red marker blobs.'
A group or system of interconnected people or things.
  1. 'a trade network'
  2. 'Each world's resources will further our scientific knowledge and daily living, and it is my dream that a network of trade will be set up within our solar system and beyond.'
  3. 'In fact, racial identity is part of a complex network of intersecting identities that is contextually relevant and fluid.'
  4. 'Could an interconnected network of democracies, from the local to the global, be the political model of the future?'
  5. 'Cervical and brachial plexuses form a network of primary, interlacing nerves.'
  6. 'The existence of trade networks pre-dates recorded history; commercial activities are a fundamental aspect of human existence.'
  7. 'Childminding networks can also arrange backup care if your regular childminder is ill.'
  8. 'The council has a dedicated social services department with a network of care contacts.'
  9. 'It was established in 1991 and has since built a nation-wide network of regional branches.'
  10. 'The nation state is a political and economic and social system, an interconnected network of interacting individuals.'
  11. 'Scottish Labour's organisational backbone is provided by a series of networks and financial arrangements between the party, unions, councils and the private sector.'
  12. 'The Jubilee line is the only one that interconnects with every other line on the tube network.'
  13. 'It was Beeching's axing of much of our railway network in the 1960s that got us partly into the public transport mess we are in now.'
  14. 'Nine of the network's twelve lines were totally shut down.'
  15. 'He said a ‘simplistic response’ would be to reduce the network to those lines that were economically viable.'
  16. 'The UK's rail accident rate was in line with the safest networks in Europe.'
  17. 'This relatively simple network of lines lies well and truly underground, with steep escalators taking up to two minutes to reach the platform.'
  18. 'These made, and continue to make, the city one of the most important interchanges on the rail network, as well as a major destination in its own right for business and for tourism.'
  19. 'We can also see when countries finish developing their road network, as seen in Figure 11.'
  20. 'As explained above, a rail network consists of lines and points.'
  21. '‘Carlow is very well located and already has excellent transport links via the national road and rail networks,’ said Mr. Bruton.'
  22. 'a support network'
  23. 'Previous research has also determined that Asians and Asian Americans tend to seek help from social networks rather than from professionals such as counselors.'
  24. 'Depression, anxiety, and disruption of social support networks have been associated with menstrual pain.'
  25. 'She helps families by supplying information and putting them in contact with support networks.'
  26. 'If the former is your choice, contact professionals through your network at the Postal Service.'
  27. 'A plausible explanation for gender disparities in promotion is that women have fewer mentors and professional networks and less collegial support while in the academic medical system.'
  28. 'Many sites offer forums for the fans to discuss the band, their music and other stuff, but some go further, setting up pen-pal networks between fans in different countries.'
  29. 'And likewise, the multifaceted nature of people's social networks could be directly supported in this way.'
  30. 'These were people with an extensive network of social contacts.'
  31. 'Wouldn't accepting the link negate the whole purpose of a social network?'
  32. '‘It's using social networks not for commercial purposes, but because people feel strongly enough to get involved,’ insists Dave Balter.'
  33. 'For the CBS network the final program of the current series of Survivor boosted ratings and did very well for Nine in Australia.'
  34. 'The one-hour live show will air on six broadcast networks and several cable stations.'
  35. 'Such a stance makes most of the mainstream sitcoms on the broadcast networks inappropriate for rerunning on Comedy Central.'
  36. 'And when the homemaker turned CEO left prison early Friday morning, the cable networks all took it live.'
  37. 'Produced by the BBC's network current affairs unit in Manchester, Real Story will have a three series run of 28 programmes.'
  38. 'They usually leave this live breaking stuff to the cable news networks these days.'
  39. 'At the time of the phone call, there were 2,391 adults viewing broadcast network television.'
  40. 'The major news networks experience massive drops in ratings and are put on the market by their corporate owners.'
  41. 'Though the bottom line for the networks would likely be significantly reduced with less advertisers investing in each hour of their day.'
  42. 'News chiefs from ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC television networks pledged to vet incoming feeds and not broadcast them live.'
  43. 'a computer network'
  44. 'Scientists needed to come up with a new generation of computers, networks, and storage devices that would look after themselves.'
  45. 'For that you can get a presentation on computer networks by Joseph Licklider or a book of machine translation, or various other assorted goods.'
  46. 'Some of POL's corporate clients have dozens of computers on their private networks where they need Internet access.'
  47. 'This small piece of software uses computer networks and security holds to replicate itself.'
  48. 'Solar bursts, or so-called ‘solar storms’, can disrupt terrestrial communication networks, power grids and data lines.'
  49. 'The second wave is syntactic: attacks against the operating logic of computers and networks.'
  50. 'Computer workstations, networks, and graphical user interfaces were all invented by Xerox just in case the world traded paper for computer screens.'
  51. 'He's also building on the concepts of local and wide area computer networks.'
  52. 'Over recent months, regular email spammers have used networks of compromised machines to disseminate spam.'
  53. 'Shorn of its mobile cash cow, the company has been forced to concentrate on upgrading its fixed line network.'
  54. 'The electrical network in Butterworth belongs to the municipality and Eskom is investing this money on risk.'
  55. 'Islay has pioneered the use of small-scale wind turbines in homes and micro-grids, small-scale electrical networks that stand apart from the national grid.'


Connect as or operate with a network.
  1. 'This also laid foundation for upgrading the facilities to support telemedicine by networking all departments and services connected to the patient.'
  2. 'The objective of the fair is to offer a window of opportunity to display, develop and network community products.'
  3. 'It aims to network organic producers, consumers, businesses, schools and communities.'
  4. 'Delivery of healthcare expertise can be networked through health centres in villages and beyond extending the reach of healthcare to places where it does not exist.'
  5. 'Any outrage or disaster is amplified by the media and by the fact that we're so connected, so networked.'
  6. 'Never before had the top-down world of presidential campaigning been opened to a bottom-up, laterally networked community of ordinary voters.'
  7. 'This is what it means to say that the social field is networked, connected, rather than a matter of place, sites, and home.'
  8. 'Field medical units will be networked with the medical communications for combat casualty care, which supports the joint theater medical information program.'
  9. 'Jackie Manatt created and manages a database that keeps Manatt's ‘extended family’ of Ph.D. students connected and networked.'
  10. 'While each of the test centres are independently run, they are networked around the country thus ensuring that the standard requirements are adhered to.'
  11. 'the Spurs match which ITV had networked'
  12. 'The one programme that deserved to be networked was Discs a Gogo - which was Chris Mercer's brainchild.'
  13. 'SMG television boss Donald Emslie says a commitment to making more networked programmes in the regions will be a vital test of the new era of independent television.'
  14. 'more and more PCs are networked together'
  15. 'There are also hints that the rise of online gaming may help to boost the profile of arcades, as the cabinets in them move increasingly away from being standalone machines and towards being networked devices.'
  16. 'All the computers are networked and connected to one Internet cable, so we can all be online at once.'
  17. 'It will feature high-end multimedia workstations, networked wireless laptops and express-type terminals.'
  18. 'When I saw they all had the same game on their screens I wondered if they'd networked the machines, and were having some sort of Barbie deathmatch, but no.'
  19. 'Over the past few years the premises have been completely refurbished and now includes a computer training centre with ten, fully networked computers.'
  20. 'It uses networked computers and multi-channel speaker playback to more closely approximate the different instruments and their ranges.'
  21. 'The company's Avid Unity MediaNetwork is designed specifically for sharing high-bandwidth digital media files between networked workstations.'
  22. 'We're going through a change right now, thanks to a wave of technical and social change and to the arrival of cheap, networked computers.'
  23. 'Now, we have unified logon from any networked computer.'
  24. 'Lucio came round last night with the equipment to network our computers.'
Interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.
  1. 'The seminar afforded committees time for networking and sharing information on the work of individual centres.'
  2. 'Such alliances can be developed by networking within industry trade groups and organizations that may indirectly impact your industry.'
  3. 'We get a lot of information by networking with other attendees.'
  4. 'An important step is researching and networking to gather information about organisations and positions, says Notton.'
  5. 'Thus, he made up the term social networking to discuss what he was doing.'
  6. 'But the clash goes beyond professional jealousies and crony networking.'
  7. 'Promotion seekers can use information gathered through networking to improve the quality of their applications.'
  8. 'The most successful professionals view networking as a two-way street.'
  9. 'There are three very essential functions of gossip: networking, influence and social alliances.'
  10. 'Mr Ahmed said the members, mostly Bolton-born, enjoy networking and sharing useful information and contacts.'

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1. any netlike combination of filaments, lines, veins, passages, or the like: a network of arteries; a network of sewers under the city.

2. Radio andTelevision. a group of transmitting stations linked by wire or microwave relay so that the same program can be broadcast or telecast by all. a company or organization that provides programs to be broadcast over these stations: She was hired by the network as program coordinator.

3. Telecommunications, Computers. a system containing an

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