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Causing annoyance or difficulty.
  1. 'As China convenes its Parliament this week, its leaders seem less agitated about the nettlesome issue of Taiwan than they have been for some time.'
  2. 'In southern Florida, utility companies now grapple with monk parakeets and the massive, nettlesome nests they build atop transmission poles.'
  3. 'He berates moralistic critics of ‘consumerism’ who evade that nettlesome matter of ‘the ownership and organization of production.’'
  4. 'And, the question of all questions, so why in the face of all these nettlesome issues do we nonetheless find ourselves ethically compelled to bring this Society for Jewish Ethics into being?'
  5. 'Religious traditions have played a key contributory role in perpetuating conflicts about this nettlesome issue.'
  6. 'He has strained against every nettlesome one of them - counter-attacking and squandering valuable time that should have been used to promote his message.'
  7. 'Over time, the democratic transformation may go from being a nettlesome impediment to certain U.S. objectives to a persistent constraint on our superpower status.'
  8. 'In a highly mobile nation like the United States, this is particularly nettlesome when children change schools and discover that their new school district teaches geometry in 7th grade, while they took it the previous year.'
  9. 'Even better, some of the economy's most nettlesome worries are behind it, which should help keep profits moving northward.'
  10. 'Just figuring out the size of the operation can be nettlesome.'


1. causing irritation, vexation, or annoyance: to cope with a nettlesome situation.

2. easily provoked or annoyed: to become nettlesome over trivial matters.

More examples(as adjective)

"disputes can be nettlesome."

"models can be nettlesome."

"issues can be nettlesome."