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Settle or lie comfortably within or against something.
  1. with object 'she nestled her head against his shoulder'
  2. 'She had done that through-out the night when we'd woken up and she'd wanted to nestle back into my arms.'
  3. 'When the military's precision flying teams put on a demonstration, pilots often nestle their fighter jets within two or three feet of each other as they roar by in formation.'
  4. 'The Waiters household contains many of the traditional trappings of sentimental bliss: Women nestle snugly at home and babies merrily roll about.'
  5. 'There is even a Thompson mouse nestling within one of the upper panels of the heavy iron-studded double doors of St William's College.'
  6. 'Equally inevitably I would be found nestling in the safe, comforting arms of my aunt in her kitchen.'
  7. 'Katlyn nestled into his arms and rested her head on his chest.'
  8. 'It would be wrong to either rush to condemn the incumbent for increasing our visibility as a target, or to nestle in the comforting bosom of a father figure.'
  9. 'R. Crumb nestles in his wife's amused arms to escape being photographed.'
  10. 'Small beings that eat wood are nestled deeply and comfortably in a dead tree trunk.'
  11. 'Mrs Grey Dove now has small brown hopping babies that nestle under her maternal wings at night.'
  12. 'The village would nestle on a massive brownfield site between Sheffield and Rotherham and is expected to bring a raft of social, economic and environmental benefits to the area.'
  13. 'The houses would nestle on the comfortable laneway that has been signed for many years as Sussex Mews.'
  14. 'Lahardane is a picturesque village nestling at the foot of Nephin and easily accessible from all major North Mayo areas.'
  15. 'His sensitivity to surroundings is demonstrated by the Archaeolink Visitor Centre in Aberdeenshire, where a public gateway to the area's historic sites nestles into the landscape.'
  16. 'Fortunately he would find not a latter-day Sodom or Gomorrah just a delightful little village nestling at the southern edge of the moors.'
  17. 'There will be many complaints about the noise, danger and disturbance yet again of construction work traffic impinging on the sleepy area nestling by a perfect spot on the River Wharfe.'
  18. 'She said the government had invested a lot in the resort's security which is a popular tourist destination nestling in the azure waters of the Sulu Sea.'
  19. 'Sally drives across the Bridge to the northern suburbs, where hi-tech businesses and call centres nestle along the highway.'
  20. 'Killick-Claw is ostensibly a gentle place nestling in the lee of the angry Newfoundland coast, but it quickly becomes apparent that there are darker forces at play under the surface.'
  21. 'Thorpe End is a small village on the eastern outskirts of Norwich, probably best described as a three-car-household estate nestling round an Aga shop.'

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1. to lie close and snug, like a bird in a nest; snuggle or cuddle.

2. to lie or be located in a sheltered spot; be naturally or pleasantly situated: a cottage nestling in a pine grove.

3. Archaic. to make or have a nest. to make one's home; settle in a home. verb (used with object), nestled, nestling.

4. to settle or ensconce snugly: He nestled himself into the hay for a short nap.

5. to put or press confidingly or affectionately: S

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"ups can be nestled."

"thrifts can be nestled."

"strangelies can be nestled."

"proofs can be nestled."

"people can be nestled."

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(nestle)Old English nestlian, from nest; compare with Dutch nestelen.