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Easily agitated or alarmed; nervous.
  1. 'I have gone from being very pressurised and tense and nervy to being more relaxed and far happier with how things are.'
  2. 'Our fellows were nervy, edgy, and in the circumstances it may have been just as well that the Iranians strung eleven men behind the ball when Ireland had possession.'
  3. 'In private, all these guys were quiet, nervy and insecure gay men living in an era when it was marginally safe to out oneself in the safe confines of the entertainment industry, but definitely not outside of that.'
  4. 'Result, everyone is left feeling anxious, nervy and vaguely irritated.'
  5. 'We were a bit nervy after our recent results, but John Martin was unbelievable.'
  6. '‘Red makes adults nervy, edgy, even aggressive,’ said Gimbel.'
  7. 'But investors in London were nervy from the off after computer games retailer Game issued a profits warning and sent a chill through the sector.'
  8. '‘There was no way they were going to beat us,’ an elated Wes Bateman said later when asked if the Irish got a little nervy towards the end.'
  9. 'Blue-chip shares were left teetering at the 4000 mark yesterday as nervy investors continued to fret over the global economy.'
  10. 'David Toms produced a stunning back nine to edge out a nervy Sergio Garcia in a titanic tussle in the singles.'
  11. 'they made a nervy start'
  12. 'It is going to be a tense, nervy, and, ultimately, unforgettable series.'
  13. 'It's a nervy undertaking, but that's what local artist and Night of Artists festival organizer Phil Alain did in 1997.'
  14. 'Hampton had to survive a nervy six minutes of added time (presumably for time wasting, substitutions etc) before being able to celebrate an Easter cup final appearance.'
  15. '‘It was a very nervy match, which is remarkable this early in the season,’ he said.'
  16. 'He carried his bat for 102 from 153 deliveries and provided the backbone of an innings which featured a nervy patch during which three of the upper order were dismissed for ducks.'
  17. 'A nervy opening and some heat-fuelled laxidasical moments in the second-half aside, there was never any real danger of the City leaving bathed in sun Church Road red-faced.'
  18. 'Slight gains on Wall Street, and a smattering of bargain hunters, saw the index nudge ahead 9.2 points to 3490.0 by the close of another nervy day.'
  19. 'After a nervy first minute in which Oxford nearly scored, Cambridge found their rhythm and, holding a solid line upfield, began to punish Oxford's forwards who were too slow to the breakdown.'
  20. 'This is the cutting edge and it is nervy but this is why we are all in the game.'
  21. 'Southend were forced to defend in numbers as the closing minutes ticked away, and while they had to endure some nervy moments, they held on to gain a narrow win.'
Bold or impudent.
  1. 'Audiard has done a masterful job of creating a brash, nervy film that is poignant without ever being pretentious.'
  2. 'Krugman caught my notice for being one guy with a really nervy suggestion on how Japan could get out of its deflationary spiral.'
Vigorous or strong.


    1. brashly presumptuous or insolent; pushy: a nervy thing to say; a nervy trick to pull.

    2. having or showing courage; brave or bold: the nervy feats of the mountaineers.

    3. strong; sinewy; vigorous: a hard, nervy physique.

    4. Chiefly British. straining one's patience or forbearance; trying.

    5. nervous; excitable; on edge.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "prices can be nervy after things."

    "places can be nervy in stages."

    "people can be nervy of times."

    "people can be nervy as wildcats."

    "markets can be nervy in/at/on mornings."

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