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Lacking vigour or feeling.
  1. 'As she fell, the Hulk screamed and turned, ripping the gun from the cowboy's suddenly nerveless fingers.'
  2. 'The pages fell from her suddenly nerveless fingers and fluttered to the floor.'
  3. 'She barely heard his cry as he fell back, the fey blade falling from his nerveless fingers.'
  4. 'Obliviously, he wasn't expecting that, and was so surprised that he let go of me, and I was able to pluck the knife from his nerveless fingers.'
  5. 'Slowly, the pistol slipped from nerveless fingers, then he raised his arms high.'
  6. '‘That is a picture of my wife, Vana, and our twin sons Rog and Hal taken just two days before they were murdered,’ he said quietly, taking the picture from her nerveless fingers.'
  7. 'Reaching out, he pulled the luggage from her nerveless fingers and set the bags down.'
  8. 'The sword dropped from her nerveless fingers as she slumped forward, trying to stay conscious, using the last of her rapidly-fading strength to lift one hand to the hilt of the dagger at her belt, pulling it free.'
  9. 'The explanation of this boneless, nerveless, jelly-fish condition of soul is not difficult to find.'
  10. 'She was halted with a sensation somewhat akin to being slammed into a brick wall, her sword dropping from her nerveless fingers as the impact struck her.'
  11. 'nerveless verse'
  12. 'He and his art are described as “nerveless and effeminate”.'
Not nervous; confident.
  1. 'Athletic were nerveless throughout and Rosbeg lost their third final in a row on penalties.'
  2. 'The points came from Chris Paterson, who landed five nerveless penalties from five kicks, and from Dan Parks, who put over a drop goal at an absolutely critical stage of the second half.'
  3. 'Len Mattiace would have won the Masters in 2003 had Mike Weir not forced a play-off with a nerveless 7-foot putt for par on 18.'
  4. 'Galkina was stunned by the nerveless determination of her Chinese opponent.'
  5. 'Big, strong and seemingly nerveless, he will frighten the life out of everyone when he grows up.'
  6. 'If it was still in doubt after recovering from his painful and career - threatening injury, the Spaniard proved his mettle with a magnificent, nerveless run-in.'
  7. 'Those privileged enough to have watched that astonishing display of nerveless attacking tennis in the women's singles final of the 118th Wimbledon championships will never, ever, forget it.'
  8. 'Safin began the match with the kind of nerveless enthusiasm which should have set the alarm bells ringing for Martin.'
  9. 'Still only 21, he is a nerveless and deadly finisher regardless of the magnitude of the occasion.'
  10. 'Button did everything right: he was nerveless, drove flawlessly and pushed his car to its absolute 200 mph limit, but it was never enough against the combined might of Schumacher and Ferrari.'
Lacking nerves or nervures.


    1. without nervousness, as in emergencies; calm; collected.

    2. lacking strength or vigor; feeble; weak.

    3. lacking firmness or courage; spiritless; cowardly.

    4. Anatomy, Botany. having no nerves.

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    "fingers can be nerveless."

    "hands can be nerveless."

    "temperaments can be nerveless."

    "riders can be nerveless."

    "performances can be nerveless."

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