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Unfashionable and socially inept or boringly studious.
  1. 'his slightly nerdy haircut and glasses'
  2. 'He describes himself as a "nerdy" kid whose size worked against him.'
  3. 'The glasses made her feel nerdy.'
  4. 'The other day, this old man in a terrible nerdy anorak and flaky skin came to our school.'
  5. 'Adam is a shy, nerdy college student.'
  6. 'They ignored him and made fun of him for being nerdy.'
  7. 'nerdy sci-fi stuff'
  8. 'He's both a geeky nerd and a nerdy geek.'
  9. 'My friends, being incredibly nerdy linguists, decided to make fun of the syntax.'
  10. 'I promise NEVER AGAIN to bore all of you with nerdy stats.'
  11. 'There's some occasional edge enhancement, but only the nerdiest of videophiles will find cause to complain.'
  12. 'Where else is there a comparable gathering of eager, aggressively young law students and nerdy academics that only fellow nerds have ever heard of?'
  13. 'If you work only with guys, and you're a nerdy programmer, the thought of women probably doesn't enter your head for most of the day.'


1. Slang. of or like a nerd.

More examples(as adjective)

"technocrats can be nerdy."

"callers can be nerdy."