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Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.
  1. 'negotiations between unions and employers'
  2. 'Both bodies say they are bound by a non-disclosure agreement while negotiations continue.'
  3. 'In 18 hours of negotiations there was no discussion or mention of a figure for pay.'
  4. 'Now officials have warned that if negotiations reach stalemate today they will resort to legal action.'
  5. 'Final figures are still subject to negotiations between museum chiefs and the Treasury.'
  6. 'Despite five years of negotiations, both sides could not reach an agreement.'
  7. 'They became the peace between wars, held the negotiations between countries.'
  8. 'There is nothing to stop us, at the end of this round of negotiations, starting a discussion like that.'
  9. 'It is a forum for negotiations between member governments, a majority of which are elected.'
  10. 'Discussions and negotiations allow children to have some say in what happens to them.'
  11. 'Any improvement in performance will enable it to drive a harder bargain in takeover negotiations.'
The action or process of transferring legal ownership of a document.
  1. 'Transfer or negotiation is easiest where the bill is payable to bearer.'
  2. 'A detailed review of the lease negotiation is necessary to determine this issue.'

More definitions

1. mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement: the negotiation of a treaty.

2. the act or process of negotiating.

3. an instance or the result of negotiating.

More examples(as adjective)

"techniques can be negotiation."


Late 15th century (denoting an act of dealing with another person): from Latin negotiatio(n-), from the verb negotiari (see negotiate).