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Open to discussion or modification.
  1. 'As compensation we gave ourselves the treat of a delightfully decadent hydrangea, blowsy, and of that precise shade of acid pink that speaks of the back parlours occupied by ladies of negotiable affection.'
  2. 'He said flexibility was built into the new proposals, but this flexibility was conditional on maintaining an acceptable overall level of food safety, which was not negotiable.'
  3. 'And these are things that are negotiable in the early stages.'
  4. 'The concept of ‘unbounded person’ assumes that the boundary between one person and others is not fixed and definite, but flexible and negotiable.'
  5. 'But for some, all of those freedoms are negotiable.'
  6. 'If you have money here, everything is negotiable.'
  7. 'In the Evening Standard classifieds I find a two-bedroom flat in Kensington W8 for £220 per week negotiable, cheaper than Edinburgh's New Town.'
  8. 'Are there some principles upon which it is worth making a stand - or is everything negotiable and flexible in this post-modern world?'
  9. 'Neither he nor the prime minister had advance warning of Peter Mandelson's carefully worded pro-Brussels speech on Monday, which suggested that Britain's rebate might be negotiable.'
  10. 'The details are negotiable; they always are among diplomats.'
  11. 'negotiable certificates of deposit'
  12. 'The negotiable document setting down the terms of credit is the so-called bill of exchange.'
(of a route) able to be traversed; passable.
  1. 'Slower vehicles, less negotiable routes and higher monetary costs lead to fewer journeys and shorter distances - and thus less traffic.'
  2. 'Slip down here, keeping right near the bottom and follow the rift along for a few metres until you see a negotiable route back up the rift over flowstone.'
  3. 'The Climber easily scales many smooth and uneven vertical surfaces - wall board, plaster, brick, cinder block, and siding are negotiable for this versatile robot.'
  4. 'But I must navigate what is negotiable and what is not, and do my best to constantly re-check my alignments and priorities.'


1. capable of being negotiated: a negotiable salary demand.

2. (of bills, securities, etc.) transferable by delivery, with or without endorsement, according to the circumstances, the title passing to the transferee. noun

3. negotiables, negotiable bonds, stocks, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"bonds can be negotiable on markets."

"sizes can be negotiable in/at/on percents."

"bonds can be negotiable on bourses."

"sales can be negotiable at terms."

"salaries can be negotiable in ranges."

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