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Failing to take proper care over something.
  1. 'Amy may argue by analogy with this reasoning that the plaintiff council will have to prove she was negligent.'
  2. 'The employee alleged that the respondent was negligent in failing to warn of the hump.'
  3. 'This is not a case where the first appellant was negligent in the conduct of the operation.'
  4. 'Liability for negligent advice is imposed irrespective of whether it is given gratuitously.'
  5. 'The plaintiffs sued the defendant alleging that he had been negligent in a number of ways.'
  6. 'The negligent defendant, or more usually his insurer, takes his victim as he finds him.'
  7. 'Her case was that the solicitors had been negligent in that she should have been advised not to execute the mortgage.'
  8. 'Whether a forecast was negligent or not depends upon whether reasonable care was taken in preparing it.'
  9. 'After all, this is a case about negligent failure to exercise a statutory power, is it not?'
  10. 'The latter may arise from a tortious act other than the negligent use of a motor vehicle.'


1. guilty of or characterized by neglect, as of duty: negligent officials.

2. lazily careless; offhand: a negligent wave of his manicured hand.

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"people can be negligent in things."

"places can be negligent in things."

"organizations can be negligent in things."

"units can be negligent in glycerins."

"people can be negligent by things."

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