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Not giving proper care or attention to someone or something.
  1. 'Yet we can't complain about biomedicine being mechanistic and neglectful of the psychological and social realms, and then go and accuse it of colonising them when it finally expresses an interest.'
  2. 'It was also callous, slapdash and neglectful of the interests of less secure and well paid workers.'
  3. 'From the first settlements up until the Civil War, ordinary Americans were not heavily armed and were generally neglectful of the guns they did own.'
  4. 'It is well documented that the Dutch colonists were particularly neglectful of the indigenous population of the Dutch East Indies for centuries.'
  5. 'His idea of moral education, while not entirely neglectful of habit, feeling, and physical well-being, is almost a paradigm of a rationalistic approach, with an emphasis on maxims, rules, and above all cultivation of the mind.'
  6. 'Unhappily, viewed from Moscow, this has issued in a relationship more neglectful of Russian national interests.'
  7. 'I've been rather neglectful of this blog over the last couple of weeks.'
  8. 'Then again, I've been pretty neglectful of a few things in the last weeks'
  9. 'But the high comes at a crippling price, altering a user's brain chemistry so that without the drug they can become paranoid, violent and neglectful of their families and their own health.'
  10. 'Rathbone therefore found herself cast in the role of the profligate American, heedless of the future and neglectful of the past.'


1. characterized by neglect; disregardful; careless; negligent (often followed by of): neglectful of one's health.

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"people can be neglectful to be-thanks."

"mothers can be neglectful of somes."

"mothers can be neglectful."

"people can be neglectful."

"parents can be neglectful."

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