Adjective "needlessly" definition and examples

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In a way that is unnecessary because it is avoidable.
  1. 'hundreds of people are dying needlessly from strokes'
  2. 'There are so many people out there suffering needlessly.'
  3. 'Needlessly, children are suffering.'
  4. 'Eliza told me I was worrying needlessly.'
  5. 'The film is often violent, but never needlessly so.'
  6. 'That's a needlessly long amount of time.'
  7. 'The convoluted plotlines and gimmicky narration distract needlessly from its premise of ecological change and accountability.'
  8. 'Some of her clues are painfully obvious, others needlessly obscure.'

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1. unnecessary; not needed or wanted: a needless waste of food.

More examples(as adjective)

"damagings can be needlessly."