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(of something undesirable) not necessary because avoidable.
  1. 'The Harps looked to have this game in the bag only to nearly throw it away, conceding numerous needless frees.'
  2. 'Please improve the quality of your paper by removing this needless source of controversy from its pages.'
  3. 'Glasgow compounded their numerous defensive lapses with a host of handling errors and needless turnovers.'
  4. 'Of course such grief is perfectly understandable, following the loss of loved ones in a needless war far, far away.'
  5. 'This is our first duty to them and is why we should continue to oppose a Government which is exposing them to such great and needless danger.'
  6. 'No week seems complete without some report of the actions of mindless people engaged in needless acts.'
  7. 'Have compassion for all beings, causing them no unnecessary hurt, nor needless harm.'
  8. 'He said disputes and votes being called on the order of business were causing needless disruption.'
  9. 'The other was an annoyance at how much needless work he'd put into most of those stories.'
  10. 'Anything that seeks to undermine rights is a needless compromise and a huge and terminal step backwards.'


1. unnecessary; not needed or wanted: a needless waste of food.

More examples(as adjective)

"deaths can be needless."

"pains can be needless."

"costs can be needless."

"sufferings can be needless."

"changes can be needless."

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