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(of a person) lacking the necessities of life; very poor.
  1. 'the provision of humanitarian assistance to the needy'
  2. 'He said the trust was contemplating opening schools, medical dispensaries and hospitals, and cooperative stores for needy persons.'
  3. 'Parvaiz was a silent social worker who saved many lives by donating blood to poor and needy patients and diving into the said river to save lives.'
  4. 'Once again, Government is moving to deprive the most needy members of society whilst, in this case, offering tax cuts to the wealthy.'
  5. 'Why does such a rich nation not do more to alleviate the plight of its deprived and needy members?'
  6. 'But if they are needy as a consequence of their criminal, irrational, or imprudent behavior, then it is not a fine thing.'
  7. 'The annual Christmas fuel appeal for the elderly and needy families of the greater Westport area is under way.'
  8. 'As an alternative, a consent be taken from the poor and needy patients to receive Zakat funds on their behalf and pay towards the treatment.'
  9. 'Old students also volunteered to help poor and needy students.'
  10. 'Staff donated the entire first day's baking to the Salvation Army for distribution to elderly and needy people in the area.'
  11. 'Political parties will be prevented from wasting milk, water, etc. which can be given to poor and needy people.'
  12. 'What it does is use volunteers to build homes for people in communities who are in needy circumstances.'
(of a person) needing emotional support; insecure.
  1. 'You're as down and as needy of help and support as you have ever been, and your spouse can't give that to you, because she's in the same place.'
  2. 'People who constantly need to praise themselves are insecure or emotionally needy.'
  3. 'My daughter is extremely emotionally needy as well.'
  4. 'I wouldn't think anything of having sex in public, but I'm a bit more needy on the emotional side.'
  5. 'Will it be the supportive lawyer, the needy, cheery, recently divorced neighbour, or will his sister in law finally relent?'
  6. 'It's not because she's needy or insecure or confused.'
  7. 'Show me a folk music audience and I'll show you the emotionally needy.'
  8. 'People who are emotionally needy or manipulate others to get their own way by making them feeling guilty are unconscious vampires.'
  9. 'She was far from the needy, emotionally damaged wreck who we usually think of as finding refuge in obscure religions.'
  10. 'I helped Mantle with two books and came to understand how needy he was, how insecure.'


1. in a condition of need or want; poverty-stricken; impoverished; extremely poor; destitute. noun

2. (used with a plural verb) needy persons collectively (usually preceded by the): Help the needy.

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"pensionerses can be neediest."

"citizens can be neediest."

"areas can be neediest."

"survivors can be neediest."

"states can be neediest."

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